leadership development

Leadership Development

HR Learning and Development helps build DCU’s leadership capacity by providing multiple opportunities for DCU Staff with the ambition and potential to progress. DCU’s Strategic Plan specifically calls out Talent Development as a goal with a number of asssociated initiatives, including the expansion of our Leadership and Management Programme and our Mentoring Programme.

University Leadership and Management Programme (ULM)

The ULM is a blended learning programme, unique to DCU, that supports academic staff appointed to leadership positions or aspiring to leadership positions in the university. The programme explores the theory and practice of leadership and management through online learning coupled with interactive workshops, where participants learn from each other's experiences. 

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Women in Leadership Programme

Launched in November 2015, the Women in Leadership at DCU initiative is a series of talks and seminars designed to realise the vision of DCU as a University that explicitly values women as leaders. The series features a range of high profile successful women leaders who share their stories, including the challenges they faced in becoming role models. Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese and Prof Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of University of Oxford have been among the speakers. 

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DCU Mentoring Scheme

All great leaders have mentors - and mentees. Mentoring accelerates leadership development and readiness. Learning and Development facilitate a formal mentoring scheme that matches mentors and mentees within DCU. The scheme is available to academic, research and administrative staff. Given our experiences of the power of mentoring first hand, as well as the feedback from staff on its transformative nature, we highlly recommend mentoring as a mode of professional development. 

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Reverse Mentoring at DCU - be Mentored by a Student! 
Reverse Mentoring at DCU is a novel approach to academic professional development that offers staff a direct line to the student voice.

What is the purpose of the university? This has many answers. One is that they are nstitutions that focus on the extention of human learning and understanding. But who decides what is learning? Who decides what is understanding? Reverse Mentoring at DCU provides a platform for students to share their experiences of learning at the university with staff - what works, what doesn't, and what their challenges and chief concerns are. It gives students an opportunity to genuinely engage with staff in a non-hierarchical way on the nature of learning, how they benefit, what they need, what will help them succeed.  


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The Aurora Leadership Programme

Designed to combat the issue of the under-representation of women in senior posts in the higher education sector, Aurora is a hugely popular leadership development programme for aspiring leaders. Managed by Advance HE in the UK, participants are matched with a mentor from their own institution as they progress through the programme. 

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Online Leadership Development Supports


Leading through Coaching

Learn how to coach and develop your team with this collection of courses and videos.

Managing people - performance appraisal

Effective performance appraisal is a key part of managing others. This collection of courses and videos will help you to communicate effectively with diverse team members to ensure an effective performance appraisal.

Dealing with conflict

Everyone encounters conflict at some stage in their working lives. Watch this collection of Courses and Videos to gain some useful tips on how to manage conflict in our own lives.

Conflict management and resolution

This collection of courses and videos will pave your way to improving your own workplace relations and maximising performance in your team or section.