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Chairing an Effective Meeting

Target Audience
All Staff
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€50.00 (Charged to your School/Unit/Centre)
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Course Code: DCU043

In this Chairing an Effective Meeting session, we will look at the ways to organise a meeting to be as successful as possible, as well as the techniques and approaches to make each meeting as effective, useful and productive as possible when chairing.

The session will use an interactive presentation to focus on tried and tested techniques to ensure that the meeting and its agenda is purposeful, and will provide step by step approaches to managing deadlocks, awkward or difficult situations, and moving agenda items towards effective and measurable outcomes. 

Training Outcomes

At the end of the programme/session, participants will:

·       Understand the importance of ensuring the meeting is necessary and attended only by those required to be there

·       Be able to ensure that all relevant documentation reaches meeting members ahead of the meeting

·       Know the importance of eliciting agenda items from meeting members in advance

·       Know how to maintain a business-like, friendly atmosphere during the meeting

·       Be able to encourage full participation

·       Understand how to manage discussions and keep track of time constraints

·       Be able to deal with side issues with civility and flexibility

·       Be able to ensure participants focus in issues, not personalities

·       Understand how to remind participants of the commitments they have undertaken

·       Be able to defuse tension and break log-jams

·       Be able to use questioning effectively to tease out contrasting issues and build small wins and understand the importance of follow up with members between meetings.



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