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Grant Writing Workshop for Researchers and Academics

St Patrick's Campus
Target Audience
Researchers (post PhD) and academics of any discipline who want to better understand the research funding environment and the grant application process.
Is registration required?
Free of charge or ticket price
For PSRL programme participants, the fee is covered by the overall charge associated with the programme. The cost of this course for those not participating on the PSRL Programme is €NIL.
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Course code: DCU025

*This course, run by Research and Innovation Support (RIS) and Learning and Development, forms part of the ILM Accredited Professional Skills for Research Leaders (PSRL) programme. However, you can apply for it as a one-off workshop by registering below.  

Aims of this course:

This course will help you optimise your grant application writing habits and begin a progression of grant applications of ever-increasing scope to achieve success.

The areas covered will include:

  • Planning your research project resources
  • Writing the proposal - including common components of a research proposal. technical content, impact and CV's for funding applications.

A blended approach is taken where participants will be invited to complete some pre-work using the online programme Professional Skills for Research Leaders before attending this course.

At the end of this workshop, participants will have learned:

The important principles of writing successful grant applications in line with DCU and funding body procedures in order to succeed in competitive funding calls and how to prepare well in advance for future calls.


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