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Managing a Research Team*

Target Audience
All members of the research community including academics, research and senior research fellows and postdoctoral researchers.
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For PSRL programme participants, the fee is covered by the overall charge associated with the programme. The cost of this course for those not participating on the PSRL Programme is €75.
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Course code: DCU018

*This course forms part of the ILM Accredited Professional Skills for Research Leaders (PSRL) programme 


Contemporary research increasingly requires a team approach. Whether you are already managing your own team, looking to recruit a new team, or will be managing a team in the future, this course offers guidance on best practices and will help you to develop your capabilities as a team leader.


About the course:

A flipped-classroom approach is taken where participants are invited to complete pre-work using the online programme Professional Skills for Research Leaders before attending this course. This workshop is one of the workshops of the ILM accredited programme Professional Skills for Research Leaders. 

As your academic career progresses you will often become a line manager for staff – most commonly research staff working on funded projects.  Managing people and resources can be challenging, especially for staff who may be new to these responsibilities. This workshop explores the roles and responsibilities of those managing teams of researchers and provides a foundation for utilising best practice approaches and techniques to achieve results the best results possible with your research team. During the workshop you will have an opportunity to:

  1. discuss with peers how to get the best from research teams
  2. clarify the role and key responsibilities of an effective research team manager
  3. have a greater insight into how to motivate your team members
  4. be clear on how to delegate effectively across the research team balancing autonomy and control
  5. have insights into how to prevent and manage conflict within a team.


Course Facilitator - Dr Robin Henderson


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