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New to Managing People

Target Audience
Staff who are new to managing people
Is registration required?
Free of charge or ticket price
€150.00 (Charged to your School/Unit/Centre)
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Course code: DCU049

Target Audience: 

This 2 day face to face workshop will help people who are new to managing people to put a plan in place and gives them some frameworks and techniques to manage their new team.  It is suitable for people who are new to management or looking to improve their skillset.

Aims of this course:

  • Review your new role; how this impacts your team; challenges that you face and how to overcome them
  • Different styles of managing and leading your team and how each style impacts the performance of your team
  • Different personality types within your teams, how to manage each personality and the best approach to communicating with each person
  • Understand what motivates and engage people within your team
  • Start to build your 100 day action plan
  • Clarity around standards, goals and expectations that builds engagement
  • Establish your 'ways of working' for the team and managing expectations
  • Your role in Talent Support and providing support when your team are working from home.
  • Create a meaningful feedback culture within the team that is centred on being supportive and results focused.

Additional dates available to book through the Core Portal:

13 & 14 June 2024



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2. Click the Learning and Development tab 

3. Type DCU049 into the Keywords search field and click Search.

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