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Human Resources

Human Resources

DCU Mentoring Scheme - FAQ

Will I be able to speak freely with my mentor/mentee and trust that they will not repeat what I say to others? 

Both the mentor and mentee agree to keep the content of their mentoring conversations confidential.

They are both free to talk about what they learnt from their mentoring conversations and what they are going to do differently as a result but they are not free to relate anything their mentor/mentee said. The only exceptions to this are if the mentoring partner expresses an intention to break the law or harm themselves or others. In the unlikely event that this happens the mentor will need to acknowledge what has been said and explain that they have a duty of care to the mentee and therefore will need to disclose the information to Human Resources. Human Resources will then follow up with the individual involved to ensure adequate support is put in place.

There is no requirement to keep notes of mentoring conversations. If either the mentor or mentee wishes to keep notes then they should treat those notes as confidential.