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Human Resources

DCU Mentoring Scheme - FAQ

How much time must I commit to the mentoring scheme? 

The expectation is that mentoring pairs will meet once a month for one hour over a 12-month period. The actual frequency and length of meetings can be agreed on an individual basis between mentor and mentee.   In either case the total number of mentoring hours will be about 12.

In the case of the mentor, the only additional time to add to this would be the short time required to review the guidelines of the scheme (which will be provided by Learning and Development) and a requirement to complete short evaluations of the mentoring scheme and process and the mid and end point. There may be occasional invitations to social get-togethers to celebrate the achievements of the mentoring scheme.

In the case of the mentee, in addition to the 12 hours of mentoring conversations, the training programme and the time taken to complete evaluations, the expectation would be that mentees would commit themselves to reflection time in advance of and after each mentoring session.