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Performance Management Development Scheme

Objective Setting - Completion of Self-Assessment Review Form

The DCU Performance Management and Development Scheme addresses the work, personal and career objectives of staff.  
Briefly these can be described as follows: 

Work Objectives:    In establishing work objectives, it is important to look at the key results areas of the job ie. those which are
critical to achieve if the overall job objectives are to be attained.    Key result areas focus on results rather than on activities or tasks.    

Example:   Deliver high quality lectures to students.   Research innovative/new ways to deliver lectures and improve/enhance the
engagement of students with a particular subject/course.

Example: To administer timetabling system as efficiently and effectively as possible with minimal disruption to the School/Unit as

Personal Objectives:   In establishing personal objectives, consideration should be given to a course of action that needs to be
undertaken to improve knowledge, skills and/or extend competencies in areas that might not always be related to present tasks and
duties.   This includes the area of professional qualifications.  

Example:  Improve communications skills to enhance and improve communications with external agencies in particular.  Attend Media Skills Course

Career Objectives:   In establishing career objectives, the focus is on the key short-term and long-term ambitions/aspirations.    

Example:   Where do I want to be and what do I want to be doing in five years time? What do I need to do to get there?