Jessica Doherty MA in Translation Studies

Jessica Doherty, Graduate of MA in Translation Studies

Tell us why you chose the MA in Translation Studies

I had been researching different Translation Masters for maybe 2/3 years before applying to DCU. I really knew, after my Erasmus, that translation was the path I wanted to pursue.

After weighing up the courses available in Ireland and further afield, I was delighted to be accepted into DCU in 2019. From the outset, the modules seemed incredibly in-depth and explored the reality of working in the translation industry, more so than any other course I had seen. There was a focus on Translation Technology, which is essential for anyone wanting to move into this area, something which I knew nothing about! I was curious to learn about how professionals worked using the tools available to them.

The fact this masters is part of the EMT network also really stood out.

What are the highlights of your postgraduate experience at DCU?


A faculty who cared about the students. I felt listened to in DCU. The small classes allowed for plenty of interaction with both classmates and professors. With the pandemic, we quickly began working together virtually, continuing to experience the same support as had been present in the classroom.

Career focus:

There were so many opportunities to get in touch with professionals working within the industry.

A class field trip to Brussels provided a perspective on what it might be like to start a career working as a linguist within the EU institutions. Similar talks were also held throughout the year, as well as classes on the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) exams, which are a requirement for applying to such positions.

The lecturers arranged, on a regular basis, to have several industry experts present their companies and ways of working to us, ranging from quite large corporations to freelance translators and revisers. I found those sessions most beneficial and even reassuring.

It was fantastic to know that opportunities were available for us, both home and abroad.

Freedom to choose:

Apart from the core modules, we could pick and choose the classes that appealed to us most. This was massive for me, as I wanted to explore different areas within translation and interpreting. The difficulty was whittling it down!!


DCU is home to some fantastic study spaces, hangout areas and hosts a wealth of excellent sports facilities.

Our classes often took place in language labs, where you have everything you need for the classes, including software which was essential for familiarising ourselves with the industry norms in terms of technology


I met really lovely classmates from both the MA in Translation Studies and the MSc in Translation Technology. As the group was relatively small, we had plenty of opportunities to work together and often met up outside of class hours, to work on projects, discuss assignment topics or just to have a coffee and a chat! The support network was of great importance, particularly when we had to begin studying remotely.

How has this master's made a difference to you/your life? 

Having a BA in foreign languages opens so many doors, but it is often hard to decide which one to choose. I am very happy to have studied on the MA in Translation Studies.

I am now working as a Translation Project Manager at Context Ltd. in Galway, so this Masters certainly put me on the right path. I am lucky to have a job that I thoroughly enjoy and which allows me to continue to learn and enhance the skills that the course taught me, on a daily basis.

My advice to incoming students...

Go for it!

If you are passionate about languages, and translation specifically, this is the course for you. I enjoyed every second of it.

The classes and assignments were incredibly interesting and the discussions held throughout the year can give you a new perspective, not only on translation, but on a language and, often, a completely different culture!

This course really sets you up for the future.