PhD Scholarships

Information about available scholarships and postgraduate research funding.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences typically offers a number of PhD scholarships across Schools on an annual basis. Scholarships might also be offered through some of our research centres. Students can apply for scholarships from funding agencies such as the Irish Research Council.

Current PhD Scholarships on Offer

Scholarships calls for 2022-23 are currently closed. Stay tuned for 2023-24 calls.

School-Specific PhD Scholarships

Scholarships calls for 2022-23 are currently closed. Stay tuned for 2023-24 school-specific calls.

The Graduate Studies Office administers a DCU Postgraduate Research Conference and Travel Grant. Each postgraduate research student, full-time or part-time, can apply in the period of his or her studentship for a Conference and Travel Grant from the DCU Research Committee. The scheme is administered through the Graduate Studies Office (GSO), based in GLA.LG13 in the McNulty Building, Glasnevin Campus. Further information is available at the Graduate Studies Office scholarships page

The Faculty Research Committee allocates some funds to administer a competitive Journal Publication Scheme, a call for which is issued normally at the end of October or beginning of November.  The scheme is available to research students in their 3rd or later year in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, DCU.  The scheme provides support for research leading to publication in a SCOPUS-ranked journal. The article can be sole-authored by the student or co-authored with a member of DCU staff, most typically but not exclusively a student’s supervisor.  Items supported could include fieldwork; archive / research travel; conference dissemination; data generation.  Depending on the budget allocation and number of applicants the maximum value of any single award can change but generally it will be no more than €1,000.

For a list of the nearly 10,000 Scopus-ranked journals in arts, humanities and social sciences and their ranking in each discipline, see this open access website.

The Irish Research Council (IRC) normally runs a competitive scheme annually for PhD scholarships. If you are interested in applying to this scheme, you should first contact a prospective supervisor in the relevant School. Existing PhD students should discuss applications with their supervisor. For further information on this scheme, see: IRC Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme.

IRC Applications

All research students in receipt of a faculty or school funded scholarship must apply to the Irish Research Council’s Postgraduate Research scheme. The Associate Dean for Research facilitates a workshop for applicants to this scheme in October each year.  If applicants are successful in securing an award from the IRC the following information is relevant:

  • Students receive confirmation directly from the IRC re award and contract.
  • Research funds are managed by the student and supervisor in line with IRC contract.
  • The student's Supervisor receives an email from DCU Finance Office detailing the Project subcost.
  • This new subcost is set up specifically to manage your award and the Supervisor needs to complete the 'hierarchy' setup to enable transactions.
  • The associated scholarship stipend is processed via Faculty office and GSO.
  • Funds can be drawn down by purchasing materials through the Purchase order process (funds taken directly from subcost) or reclaiming expenses using the NIER process or the Core system (if you have access).  Your Supervisor is the approver of your expenses and all expenditure must be approved prior to purchase.

Claiming Expenses

Students in receipt of a scholarship from the IRC or schools may be entitled to claim expenses depending on the terms and conditions of your contract or scholarship letter e.g. IRP or visa costs, equipment. To claim your expenses you must complete a Non Invoice Expenditure Requisition Form available via your School Assistant.  Authorisation of the expenditure is the responsibility of your Supervisor (IRC costs),  the Head of School (IRP or visa costs), or Faculty Research Administrator (faculty granted research awards) depending on the expense and the account being charged.  If you are unsure, your School Assistant will advise you. Return the completed form along with original receipts to your School Assistant. 

Purchase order process (IRC Awardees only)

If you want to purchase items such as software, laptops etc. you can do so by using the University's financial system, Agresso.  The supplier e.g. Dell, may already be set up as a supplier on this system so all you need to do is send the following details to the School Assistant:

  1. what you want to purchase,
  2. who you want to purchase from,
  3. the cost ex. VAT,
  4. the VAT rate
  5. your IRC subcost to charge the expense to.

This will generate a purchase order (PO) which you can send to the supplier.  The supplier should quote this PO number on their invoice which they send directly to When the invoice is approved by the Faculty Office, payment is issued within the next week.