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School of Inclusive & Special Education

Research Overview

The School of Inclusive and Special Education staff are engaged in a wide range of research projects on issues relating to varied aspects of inclusive and special education. The School's research contributes to the dynamic growth of theory and practice in the fields of inclusive education and special needs education, while commissioned projects contribute to policy developments in the Irish context.

The school welcomes research students at Masters, Professional Doctorate and PhD levels:

The School hosts the newly established DCU Centre for Inclusive Pedagogy.

The mission of the DCU Centre for Inclusive Pedagogy is to host a vibrant and dynamic community of educational researchers committed to conducting and sharing internationally significant research that will develop understanding of pedagogy to support the inclusion of all learners in education. The overall purpose of the centre is to focus research on how to include all students in the general education system from a pedagogical, curricular, assessment and community perspective, giving all access to, participation in and benefit from individually relevant learning. It will have a focus of inquiry for raising and questioning key and critical issues related to delivering on ‘full inclusion’ in educational contexts in terms of availability, accessibility, acceptability and adaptability.

The aims of the Centre are:

  • to further the understanding and practice of inclusive pedagogy to enhance students’ experiences of learning 

  • to develop the pedagogical expertise and efficacy of educators across the range of educational settings 

  • to develop and promote evidence-based resources designed for inclusive education

  • to critique and inform policy generation relating to inclusive education

The centre will focus on all aspects of pedagogy: teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment. It also concerns relationships and values. Inclusive education involves addressing and responding to the diversity of needs of learners in the school curriculum, culture and community. It seeks to remove barriers and address challenges so all learners can engage, participate and ultimately benefit from individually relevant learning. The vision of DCU Centre for Inclusive Pedagogy is to be a recognised centre with an international reputation for research and knowledge exchange leading the advancement of inclusive pedagogy.