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Policies and Procedures

Procedure for Internal Transfer

Dublin City University
Human Resources Department
Staff Transfer List - Policy

The Human Resources Department, Dublin City University currently operates a Staff Transfer List, which normally applies to secretarial/administrative staff. The aim of the transfer list is to facilitate the transfer of staff from one department to another.

Staff must have successfully completed their probationary period. (This includes the 12-month probationary period where the staff member has been promoted)

Staff members should be aware, that if their name is on the Staff Transfer List, then this list will be viewed by Heads as and when positions become available.

 Staff wishing to transfer out of their existing post must notify their relevant HR Officer in writing of their request to do so. Their HR Officer will liaise with the staff member to ascertain the reason(s) why they wish to transfer.

2. The staff member will be placed on the Staff Transfer List. 

3. Out of courtesy, they may also wish to inform their Head of department/unit.

4. When a suitable vacancy arises, the relevant HR Officer will contact the Head/Director where the vacancy has arisen to ascertain whether they wish to consult the transfer list.

5. If the Head/Director wishes to consult the list, the relevant HR Officer will then contact the staff on the transfer list, explain the nature of the vacancy and ask them if they wish to meet with the Head/Director for consideration for the vacancy.

6. If the staff member is interested in putting their name forward, they will be asked to forward a standard DCU application form to apply for this position, within three working days.

7. An interview will be held for the vacancy in line with the normal interview process.

8. In the event that the Head/Director is unable to fill their vacancy through the Staff Transfer List, they reserve their right to fill their vacancy through the normal recruitment and selection procedures. Staff on the transfer list are still eligible to apply for these advertised positions.

9. Staff will remain on the transfer list for a period of one year. In the event that the staff member has been unsuccessful in securing a transfer within the one-year timeframe, they can re-apply to be placed back on the transfer list.

10. This policy does not affect the established Recruitment & Selection procedures for permanent appointments in DCU.

The transfer list will be maintained for a period of two years and will be reviewed to ascertain effectiveness and continuation of this scheme. It is expected that this review will take place in September 2009.

Last Revision 10-JUL-08