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Policies and procedures

Pay Related Social Insurance


All staff of the University contribute to the Pay Related Social Insurance scheme (PRSI),whether they are permanent, temporary full-time or temporary part-time. Different rates can apply to each of these three categories and each rate entitles the staff member to different benefits.

i) Permanent Staff

University staff employed prior to the 6/4/95 have PRSI deducted at Contribution Class D. For staff employed after that date, who have not previously paid the reduced PRSI rate, contributions are deducted at Class A.

ii) Temporary Full-Time Staff

PRSI contributions are deducted at Class A for all full-time temporary staff.

iii) Temporary Part-Time Staff

Most part-time members of staff pay PRSI contributions at class A. If however an individual is paying reduced rate of PRSI (Class D or Class B) elsewhere, he may be entitled to pay at class J on the University’s income.

Details of Benefits

Entitlement under PRSI depends on the number of contributions made. It is essential that an individual registers with their local Social Welfare Office if at any time they are not in receipt of income. This ensures that they receive a credit PRSI contribution for the period in question. Part-Timers paying National Insurance anywhere in the EU should go to their local office and get a Form 101 and submit it to the Payroll section. This will ensure that no PRSI is deducted. Further details on Pay Related Social Insurance can be obtained by contacting the Department of Social Protection, Information Service, or from the Finance Office or the Human Resource Office.

Last Revision 25-FEB-10