BA Climate & Environmental Sustainability

Three students on the grass collaborating on an iPad
BA Climate & Environmental Sustainability


This applied geography programme takes a dual approach that is not just about understanding climate change and its consequences, but also about understanding how the environment itself offers solutions. Students learn how to prioritise and implement nature-based solutions, which could involve, for example, supporting biodiversity or natural land use such as retaining flood plains. One factor that distinguishes this programme is how it encompasses different disciplines. Not only do students learn topics such as physical geography, climate science and biogeography, but they also study the social aspects of climate change and become skilled in data analysis. Working geographers must be data-literate as they use spatial analysis and mapping technologies, so the programme has been designed to mirror real-world practice.


 In addition to the technical skills listed above, students will build a vital soft-skill set in areas such as:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Personal agility
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Data literacy and analysis
  • Fieldwork, observation and research
  • Foreign language (optional)


Work Areas

Students of this programme may end up working with organisations specifically focused on climate change and the environment, but could also work in organisations across the public and private sectors in roles such as: 

  • Climate scientist
  • Sustainability manager
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental data analyst
  • Environmental resource manager
  • Corporate social responsibility manager
  • Strategic change manager
  • Conservation manager


Typical Areas of Employment

  • Environmental consultancy
  • Community development
  • Environmental conservation
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGO’s)
  • Industry 
  • Public sector 


INTRA Internship

Students complete a 9-12 month INTRA work placement in Year 3


Course Modules

Semester 1
  • Geographical interpretation and communication
  • Introduction to environmental spatial analysis
  •  Introduction to sustainability
  • Introduction to human geography
  • Hazardous earth
Semester 2
  • Data literacy & analytics for the 21st century
  • Ireland in Europe and the wider world
  • Global climates
  • Sustainable cities
  • Introduction to biogeography and ecology
Year long

Sustainability journey 1: Awareness and skills


Semester 1
  • Evolution of Ireland's physical landscape
  • Environmental data analysis
  • Introduction to oceans and the marine environment
  • Environmental economics
Semester 2
  • Climate change: Causes and consequences
  • Sustainable food security
  • Climate change and environmental policy
Year long
  • Sustainability field trip
  • Sustainability journey 2: Insights through collaboration


INTRA (Optional)


  • Water resources of Ireland
  • Environmental geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Environmental citizen science
  • Climate and environmental sustainability research project
  • Sustainability journey 3:active engagement
  • Environmental ethics
  • Ecosystems and conservation
  • Communication, culture and the environment
  • Challenge-based learning for sustainability transformations
  • Environmental impact assessments


If you would be interested in hiring from this programme, please get in touch.

INTRA Programme Coordinator  Email Address     Phone Number 
Sarah Fleming            01-7006375