Employer Testimonial

Bob Hughes Deputy Director of News TV3

Bob Hughes, INTRA Employer

Former Deputy Director of News, TV3 (now Virgin Media)

Watch Bob and hear his views on the DCU INTRA programme [video clip] 

“We’ve been consistently pleased with the standard of candidates from DCU that have applied for the INTRA placement with TV3. We’ve always been very enthusiastic about the INTRA scheme because the students are very well trained across a broad range of skills…its heartening actually to see such an in-depth education both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. They have a very strong idea of what they want to do when they come here…and we try to identify their strongest skills set and place them with the programme that really suits their skills. When they come in, the work very hard and intensely, they don’t do shadowing, they actually do work…and at the end of that 8 week period we hope that they come out of the placement with lots more experience and in some cases hopefully more and in the future - a job."

Paul Vance, Director of Resourcing, KPMGPaul Vance, INTRA Employer

Director of Resourcing, KPMG

Recruiting talented students from DCU is always a priority each year. As a leading international professional services firm, we pride ourselves on the depth of talent and expertise that we provide to our clients. They demand the very best service and advice from KPMG people. To satisfy this demand, we recruit only the best interns and graduates in the country. At entry, we demand that interns and graduates must be academically excellent, have great business awareness and be well-rounded individuals. These qualities are in abundance among DCU students.

Ted Wright, INTRA Employer

Managing Director, Writech Industrial Services Ltd.

As a graduate of DCU, I appreciate the importance of the INTRA placement and the exposure it provides. I was determined to offer the same experience if I was ever in a position to do so. As an employer, I have taken a number of students over the past five years. This year we asked the last INTRA student to join us on a full-time basis after graduation. Students leave DCU with the confidence to teach themselves almost anything. This skill is very important in today's business. The ability to think on one’s feet, learn and adapt is essential. Experience then makes any person with those skills invaluable.


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John Ford, INTRA Employer

Chairman, Carraighill 

Carraighill has welcomed DCU intra students for the past  four years. We are continually impressed with the calibre of students which apply to work with us. The work our students undertake varies and this allows them to learn a wide range of skills. Every student we have hired has worked diligently and to the best of their ability. Two have since been hired at Carraighill for permanent employment after graduation.