INTRA Progamme BA International Relations

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BA International Relations


The International Relations degree gives students insight into the major world issues that challenge and fascinate us today. Students examine the forces that shape contemporary societies, such as globalisation, international law, third-world debt and American foreign policy. They will also study key institutions like the European Union and the United Nations. Students learn from staff with expertise in areas such as Terrorism and Counterterrorism, European Union studies, Middle-Eastern studies, International Security and Conflict Studies, International Law and Aid, and Development Studies.


The programme also prepares students for the work force by imparting broader abilities, such as oral and written communication skills, the capacity to think analytically, teamwork skills, and research techniques.


Students from Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Relations find work in the following areas;

  • Policy evaluation and research

  • Commerce

  • Development

  • Education

  • International and Public Policy

  • Law

  • Security


INTRA Internship

Students studying for Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Relations are required to complete a twelve-month INTRA placement at the end of second year.


Course Modules

Core Modules

  • Introduction to European Integration
  • Introduction to Politics
  • Introducton to International Relations and Security
  • Core Skills and Methods for International Relations
  • Introduction to Development
  • International Political Economy
  • Introduction to Global Governance
  • The Role of International Law in International Relations

Optional Modules

  • French Language (Intermediate)
  • German Language (Intermediate)
  • Contemporary Cultural Debates
  • Intercultural Communicative Competence
  • American Political System
  • The Emergence of Modern America
  • Spanish Language (Beginners)
  • Spanish Language (Intermediate)

Core Modules

  • Independent Study Project
  • Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
  • Conflict, Security and Peace
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Theoretical Approaches to World Politics
  • Comparative European Politics
  • Political Ideologies

Optional Modules

  • French Language (Ex Intermediate)
  • German Language (Ex Intermediate)
  • Global Cultures
  • The Making of Contemporary Europe
  • America and the Wider World
  • US Security Policy
  • Spanish Language (Ex Beginner)
  • Spanish Language (Ex Intermediate)


INTRA (Optional)

Core Modules

  • Key Issues in International Relations
  • Key Issues in International Political Economy

Optional Modules

  • French Language (Intermediate)
  • German Language (Intermediate)
  • Conflict Resolution in Northern Ireland
  • Sexualities, Languages and Societies
  • Post-Soviet Politics
  • Contemporary Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
  • US Interventions and Global Politics
  • Issues in American Politics
  • Dissertation
  • Gender and Politics
  • Political Terrorism
  • Issues in European Integration
  • The Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Politics of South Asia
  • Unrecognised States in the International System
  • Political Leadership
  • Spanish Language (Intermediate)


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