INTRA Programme BA Irish, Journalism and Digital Media

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BA Irish, Journalism and Digital Media


  •  To produce bilingual graduates who are capable of working as journalists  or in communication roles in the  private and public sectors
  •  To enable students to acquire a wide range of journalistic skills in print, broadcasting and online media in both the English and Irish languages
  • To ensure that students understand the roles and responsibilities of journalists in society and the structure and practice of the media both nationally and internationally
  • To enhance students’ Irish language skills and competencies
  • To provide students with a broad general education and to hone their transferable analytical skills to diverse and challenging settings

Programme Outline

The BA Irish , Journalism and Digital Media is a mixture of journalism and language-related courses, which are both practically and academically-oriented. A full outline of the curriculum is overleaf. Students complete modules in journalism both in English and Irish. Students complete practical journalism and media elements within their modules such as Newsdays, Advanced News Reporting and in Online Journalism. The programme also includes Information Technology and Multimedia elements to ensure those students’ skills and competencies in these areas are continually advanced. Students simulate through the module, Newsdays,the gathering, reporting and packaging of news stories across all media, whilst adhering to the strictest of deadlines.  Final year students complete an extensive journalism related project.

Work Areas

Students of the BA Irish, Journalism and Digital Media can complete INTRA with the following:

  • Daily Newspapers
  • Radio Websites
  • Local Newspapers
  • Internet Content Providers
  • National TV
  • Trade Magazines
  • Sunday Newspapers
  • Public Relations Organisations
  • Communication Organisations
  • Consumer Magazines
  • Daily Newspaper Websites
  • Local Radio
  • National Radio
  • Press offices
  • Government Departments  and Agencies
  • Non-Governmental Organisations

INTRA Internship

Students complete a two-month internship at the end of third year.


Course Modules

Semester 1

  • History and Structure of the Media
  • News Writing
  • Irish Literature I

Semester 2 

  • Ethics of Journalism
  • News Editing 
  • Multimedia

Year Long 

  • History of Irish 
  • Foundation Language Skills

Semester 1

  • Radio Reporting 
  • Irish Linguistics 
  • Feature Writing

Semester 2

  • The Media and Irish Television News

Year Long 

  • Intermediate Language Skills 
  • Translation and Editing

Optional Modules

  • Media Law 
  • Advanced News Reporting

Semester 1 

  • Newsdays
  • News Design
  • Onomastics and the Irish Language

Semester 2

  • Journalism Project

Year Long 

  • Irish Literature II 
  • Advanced Language Skills 
  • Irish Language Terminology


INTRA (Compulsory)

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INTRA Coordinator  Email Address  Contact Number 
Vanessa Wade 01-7005178