Engagement Award

The DCU Engagement Award

The DCU Engagement Award formally recognises student engagement with university life and civic society. It provides you with a clear and structured approach to self-development and achievement outside of the formal curriculum. This is a great way to make the most out of your university experience and get to meet new people. Through participation in the Award, you will develop personal and professional skills, gain confidence, enrich your University experience and boost your career prospects. This experience will not only stand to you during your years with us in DCU but also play a huge role in the future direction your life will take when you graduate.

There are 3 levels of the DCU Engagement Award. Although you may step on-board at any level, we strongly recommend you start in First Year and build towards the final Award. Bronze (First Years only) The bronze DCU Engagement Award recognises engagement with the transition to third level and the journey towards independent learning and self-development. During this year, you will cultivate personal, professional and academic skills and begin to reflect on your university journey.

Bronze engage award Silver (Second or Third Years only, not final years)

The silver DCU Engagement Award focuses on the development of your employability skills and introduces you to the DCU Graduate Attributes which you are beginning to develop as part of both the formal and informal curriculum. Silver Engage Award Gold (Uaneen - Final Years only)

The final level of your award is the Uaneen Award, the gold standard in commitment to extra-curricular activity and engagement. Some students can take this as an integrated part of their studies, others will take it in addition to their studies – either way, it is testament to your commitment to reaching your full potential and enhancing your community. Gold Award Icon Each student will receive a Certificate upon completion of each level of the award.

For further information please go to: https://www.dcu.ie/students/engagement-award.shtml