Remission of Fees Scheme | Financial Assistance Service

Data Protection Notice

By completing this Application, you will be submitting personal data to Dublin City University (DCU) Student Support and Development Unit (SS&D) and the DCU Finance Unit.

Why we need your data 

When applying for a Fee Remission you will be required to provide DCU with certain personal data. 

This is necessary for the:

-       assessment of your application: &

-       provision of additional supports.  

The personal data provided on your application will only be used for the intentions outlined above and for no other reason. 


Data protection rules

Data protection concerns the safeguarding of privacy rights of individuals in relation to the processing of their personal data. Personal data is any information relating to a living individual, which allows the identification of that individual. Examples include name, email address, date of birth or telephone number.  

DCU must comply with of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Irish Data Protection Acts 1988-2018 when it collects and uses your personal data. DCU acts as a ‘Data Controller’ in respect of your personal data and complies with its responsibilities under these laws.  


Your rights

Under data protection rules, you have rights as a ‘Data Subject’. These rights include: 

• The right to be informed about what happens to information relating to you (personal data) (Articles 12-14 of GDPR);

• The right to access information relating to you which is held by DCU (Article 15, GDPR);

• The right to rectification, to correct any errors in your personal data (Articles 16 & 19, GDPR);

• The right to erasure, to delete/destroy information relating to you which is held by DCU (Articles 17 & 19, GDPR);

• The right to data portability (Article 20, GDPR);

• The right to object to processing of information relating to you (Article 21, GDPR);

• The right of restriction, to limit the way DCU uses information relating to you (Article 18, GDPR); and,

• Rights in relation to automated decision making, including profiling (Article 22, GDPR).

General information on how DCU collects, uses and discloses personal data, and on your data protection rights, is available through the DCU Privacy Policy that can be accessed via the DCU Data Protection Website


If you have any questions in relation to your personal data, you may contact the DCU Data Protection Officer, Mr Martin Ward, on 01-7007476 or email For further information, please visit the DCU Data Protection Unit Website.

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) is the official authority overseeing data protection in Ireland. If you wish to lodge a complaint to the DPC, please visit


Fee Waiver on Medical Grounds 


Closing Date 30th September 2020

(No applications will be accepted after this date)

The following fees apply to students who are deferring/repeating on medical grounds and returning to the same programme the following year:
  • Students who defer a full academic year on medical grounds will be required to pay the full Registration Fee upon returning to the University.
  • Students who defer a semester on medical grounds will be required to pay half of the Registration Fee. 
  • Students repeating a semester on medical grounds will automatically be asked to pay €55 per credit plus the relevant Student Levy.

To apply for a Medical Waiver, please complete and submit the application form - click on below link 

*   Students intending to return to a new programme of study will be charged the full published fee.

** Students who defer an academic year prior to the cut-off date at the end of October, will not be charged a further Registration Fee upon returning to the University the following year.  Any difference in the Registration Fee will, however, be charged back to the student.

Upon returning to the University, students will be asked to provide a letter from their consultant/GP stating that they are fit to return to study. Students may appeal the payment of the above-mentioned fees by filling out and submitting the form above. Each case will be examined individually. 


For further information please contact the Financial Administrator at 01 700 60 55 or email 

Application form available here


Reduced fees for 1st year Transfer Students 


Closing Date 31st August 2020

(No applications will be accepted after this date)

Only applicable to First Year DCU students transferring within DCU or via the CAO.

Application form available here