INTRA Programme Bachelor of Business Studies

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INTRA Programme Bachelor of Business Studies


The Objectives of the Business Studies degree programme are: (i) To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the academic disciplines which underpin the operation of business (ii) To develop a range of transferable skills in areas such as communications, research, critical thinking and problem solving (iii) To foster the development of consultancy, teamwork, data analytics, and project management capabilities  (iv) To provide the language and information technology skills necessary for successful domestic and international operations (v) To encourage students to create, develop and start a new enterprise (vi) To focus on the global environment within which business operates (vii) To offer students the opportunity to gain specialist expertise in one of the following areas: Finance; Marketing; Human Resource Management; Management of Operations; Business Economics; Business Analytics.

Work Areas 

  • Gathering personnel-related information, screening and interviewing 
  • Evaluating surveys, conducting research and compiling reports 
  • Computerisation and administration of personnel records 
  • Assessment of the impact of changing employment law requirements on organisational development 
  • Special finance/accounting projects 
  • Data inputting, processing and analysis 
  • Account preparation, inventory control, VAT returns 
  • Basic analysis of international financial markets 
  • Market research and design of marketing proposals 
  • Production of marketing literature 
  • Sales and advertising duties 
  • Production of reports on statutory requirements of Company’s Act regarding corporate officer roles and activities

INTRA Internship

Students from the Bachelor of Business Studies have the opportunity in third year to complete an INTRA placement of eleven months or longer and are available to start any time between June and September


Course Modules

Year long Core Modules

  • Learning Innovation for Enterprise (LIFE)
  • Critical Thinking for Business
  • Being a Manager
  • Business Analytics 

Semester 1 Core Modules

  • Maths for Economics and Business
  • Psychology in Organisations
  • Management Accounting for Decision Making
  • Introduction to Microeconomics

Semester 2 Core Modules

  • Financial Accounting for Decision Making
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Introduction to Marketing


Year long Core Modules

  • Critical Thinking in Action
  • Applied Business Analytics


Semester 1 Core Modules

  • Financial Markets
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management


Semester 2 Core Modules

  • Business and Professional Ethics
  • Financial Management
  • The Innovator's Toolkit
  • The Changing Consumer
  • Digital Marketing


INTRA (Optional)

Year long Core Modules

  • New Enterprise Development project
  • Business Strategy


Semester 1 Core Modules

  • Managing Change and Transformation


Semester 2 Core Modules

  • Responsible Management and Leadership for Sustainable Business


Choice of Specialisms

  • Marketing
  • Management of Operations
  • Business Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Analytics

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Geraldine Farrell 01-7005033