INTRA Programme Bachelor of Civil Law (Law and Society)

Two students in Moot Courtroom in DCU
Bachelor of Civil Law (Law and Society)


Students from Bachelor of Civil Law (Law and Society) learn how the legal process operates and how law and social forces influence one another in our modern world. Students explore the key foundations of law (constitutional law, contract law and criminal law, for instance), and examine critical perspectives on the nature of these subjects, the practice of law, and the wider role of law in society. The course also focuses on clinical legal education and building practical and transferable skills (for example, with a mandatory Moot Court module).

Students from Bachelor of Civil Law (Law and Society) course are analytical problem solvers who want to understand the role law plays in regulating social systems and to engage critically with the possibilities of law reform. 

Work Areas

Students have the opportunity to study the core modules to prepare for entrance exams to the Law Society as a trainee solicitor, or to qualify for entrance to the Barrister-at-Law degree at King's Inns. See below list of the work areas and jobs that our law students often seek, upon graduation:

  • Barrister

  • Solicitor

  • In house legal counsel

  • Company secretarial and governance/ compliance 

  • Research/ academia

  • Policy/ Government department; other public sector areas

  • Non- Governmental Organisations

  • Business and Finance


INTRA Internship

Students studying for Bachelor of Civil Law (Law and Society) have the option to complete an eight-month INTRA placement at the end of second year.


Core Modules


Year Long 

  • Constitutional Law
  • Foundations of Law and Legal Research


Semester 1 

  • Fundamentals of the Irish Legal System
  • Law of Torts
  • Criminal Law


Semester 2 

  • Public International Law
  • Advanced Criminal Law
  • Critical Approaches to Law
  • Applied Law of Torts


Core Modules


Semester 1

  • Moot Court
  • The Law of Contract
  • European Union Law


Semester 2 

  • Advanced Contract Law
  • Family Law and Society
  • Healthcare Law and Society
  • Advanced European Union Law


Optional Modules

  • Property Law
  • Company Law 1
  • Company Law 2
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Law and Dispute Resolution
  • Advanced Property Law
  • Innovation in Professional Services


INTRA (Optional)

Core Modules


Semester 1

  • Jurisprudence
  • Genetics, Law and Society
  • Law and Body Politics
  • Jurisprudence II


Semester 2

  • Law and Body Politics
  • Jurisprudence II


Optional Modules

  • Administrative Law
  • Employment Law
  • Law and Dispute Resolution
  • Equity
  • Law of Evidence
  • Trusts Law
  • Dissertation
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Property Law 1
  • Company Law
  • Property Law 2
  • Planning and Development Law
  • Advanced Company Law
  • Uaneen - Contributing Module
  • Uaneen Non-Contributing Module


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