INTRA Programme BSc Financial Mathematics

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BSc Financial Mathematics


The Objective of this four year, full-time degree is to produce graduates with the ability to apply mathematical methods to problems in the financial sector. The application of such techniques has revolutionised many areas of this industry over the last forty years. 

Programme Summary 

The course is of four years’ duration and falls naturally into two halves. In the first four semesters (i.e. Years 1 and 2), the aim of the programme is to provide the student with a broad introduction to the main branches of modern mathematics and its applications, enabling students to make informed choices regarding their choice of specialist topics in the latter half of the course. In the second half (Years 3 and 4), the course concentrates on those areas of mathematics that may be applied to problems in finance, insurance and banking, and in particular to financial mathematics. 

Work Areas 

Investment and Commercial Banking, Financial Analysis and Trading, Business and Actuarial Consultancy, Statistical Analysis, Software Development, Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, Data Analytics.

INTRA Internship

Students from the BSc Financial Mathematics are required to complete an eight-month INTRA placement at the end of the third academic year


Course Modules

Semester 1 

  • Computing for Mathematics
  • Calculus 
  • Introduction to Economics 
  • Linear Mathematics 
  • The Mathematical Experience

 Semester 2 

  • Computing for Mathematics
  •  Analysis I 
  • Introduction to Economics II
  •  Linear Mathematics II 
  • Probability I


Semester 1 

  • Statistics I 
  • Calculus of Several Variables 
  • Analysis II
  •  Numerical Methods
  •  Linear Algebra

Semester 2 

  • Statistics II 
  • Complex Analysis
  •  Introduction to Differential Equations 
  • Mathematics of Finance: An Introduction 
  • Probability II
  •  Accounting I



Semester 1 

  • Financial Economics I 
  • Stochastic Modelling Financial Mathematics
  • Partial Differential Equations 



Project-based Skills


Semester 2 

INTRA (Compulsory)

Semester 1 

  • Probability and Finance I and II 
  • Simulation for Finance 
  • Numerical Solution of P.D.E.s


Semester 2

  • Fixed Income
  •  Securities 
  • Stochastic Finance
  •  Computational Finance



Times Series

 Financial Engineering 



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