INTRA Programme BSc Marketing Innovation and Technology

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BSc Marketing Innovation and Technology


The BSc in Marketing, Innovation and Technology (MInT) is designed to create successful marketers for the knowledge economy. Students are given an introduction to the technologies that shape our world today – Information and Communications Technologies, Biotechnologies and the Physical Sciences – and learn to anticipate and respond to consumer needs. Our students learn how to develop and market these technologies successfully in today’s marketplace. MInT students have a broad range of transferable skills in areas such as IT, communications, research, critical thinking and problem solving. Students are highly motivated and have extensive experience of project work, both individual and group based. 


he Objectives of the Marketing, Innovation and Technology degree programme are: (i) To create marketers who understand the technologies of today and anticipate the technologies of tomorrow (ii) To provide students with an in-depth understanding of marketing techniques (iii) To provide students with an understanding of how to utilise and integrate technology into their marketing strategies (iv) To introduce a range a technologies, from information and communications technology to emerging life sciences and biotechnology (v) To impart knowledge of web design, communications and industrial design (vi) To provide an understanding of innovation and new product development processes (vii) To encourage an entrepreneurial outlook and foster creativity and innovation.

Work Areas 

  • Design, research and successfully market new products and services 
  • Database maintenance and updating, data mining 
  • Trade show participation 
  • Competitor and target market analysis 
  • Students will employ creativity and innovation on any marketing project 
  • Production of marketing literature 
  • Development of marketing plans 
  • Maintenance and updating of websites 
  • Market research design, administration and analysis

INTRA Internship 

Students from the Marketing, Innovation and Technology programme are required to complete an INTRA placement in their third academic year for eleven months, anytime between June and August of the following year.


Course Modules

Year Long

  • Marketing of High Tech. Products and Innovation
  • Market Feasibility Research Creativity and Discovery

Semester 1 

  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Modern Technology I (Energy, Transport and Electric Power
  • Media Technology

Semester 2 

  • Services Marketing
  • Modern Technology II (Electronics and Communications)


Semester 1

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Distribution and Channel Mgt. 
  • International Marketing 
  • Professional Selling
  • New Product Development and Innovation Studies
  • The Biotech Industry

Semester 2

  • Strategic Cost Management and Pricing
  • Business to Business Marketing 
  • Consumer Behaviour
  •  E-Marketing
  • Systems of the Knowledge-Based Society
  • Introduction to Biotechnology


Core Module

Consumer Behaviour


INTRA (Compulsory)

Year Long 

  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Management and Planning
  • High Technology Entrepreneurship

Semester 1

  • Project Management
  • Digital World
  • Innovation, Marketing and New Technology Foresights

Semester 2

  • E-Marketing
  • Information Technology in Society
  • Information Systems Data Management

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