INTRA Programme MSc Science and Health Communication

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MSc Science and Health Communication


This programme aims to ensure that all participants, whether they come from natural sciences, humanities or social sciences, are informed about issues arising from developments in science, and are capable of reflecting critically on the place of science and technology in society. The programme explores emerging channels and forums for science communication and examines the best methods to communicate scientific information effectively to the many different groups within society.


Programme Summary 

The programme involves the study of science in social contexts and the examination of communication theory and practice in public engagement activities and in media. Students acquire an understanding of how scientific research is governed and develop their ability to communicate the content and processes of science and technology to diverse publics while also managing programmes that facilitate greater public involvement in science. The Master of Science in Science and Health Communication trains graduates from a wide range of disciplines to be science communicators in scientific and educational institutions, in science centres, media, and in business. The programme aims to stimulate interaction between the cultures of humanities and natural sciences so that each can reflect comprehensively on the contribution of the other. The material covered in the programme includes relations between science and society, communication models and theories, philosophical perspectives on science, media institutions, data communication, science writing and science demonstration.

Work Areas

Students on the MSc Science Communication to date have successfully completed INTRA with the following:

●        Public engagement with science and research communication initiatives

●        Science information services

●        Scientific, medical and technology journalism

●        Science centres and science/art specialists

●        Science education and outreach in informal educational settings

●        Medical communications

●        Science publishing

●        Web editing for scientific institutions

●        Educational software authoring

●        Broadcasting research

●        Science public relations


INTRA Internship 

Students are required to complete one-month work placement in either June or July after the taught modules are completed for the academic year for the academic year, working for a company or institution engaged in the public communication of scientific or technical information.


Course Modules

  • Science and Health in the Media
  • Strategic Communication for STEM, Environment and Healthcare
  • Data Communication, Research Methods
  • Masters of Science in Science and Health Communication Project/Dissertation

INTRA (Compulsory) 


  •  Understanding Social Media
  • Social Media Journalism and Democracy
  • Global Bioethics
  • Media Audiences and Consumption
  • Informatics in eHealth
  • Gender and Sexuality in Digital Culture  
  • The Moving Image


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