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INTRA Internships


Sinead Gallagher BSc Enterprise Computing DCU


Sinead Gallagher, INTRA with Dublin Airport Authority

BSc Enterprise Computing at DCU

Watch Sinead at work and listen to her comments [video clip]

“I have learned so many skills such as industry skills, how to work with business professionals…making connections in the business area will be invaluable to me once I leave here. This experience has just really made me want to excel better in college. I believe that the opportunities will be endless."

Nick Sheridan BA Journalism DCU INTRA with TV3


Nick Sheridan, INTRA with TV3

BA Journalism at DCU

Watch Nick at work and listen to his comments [video clip]  

“I believe the INTRA programme really gives ordinary students a foot in the door in the industry…it can be invaluable and it can really make the difference between you getting a job and not getting a job on your way out of college.”

    Jordan Traynor BSc Biotechnology DCU

Jordan Traynor, INTRA with Eli Lilly

Studying BSc Biotechnology at DCU

Watch Jordan at work and listen to her comments [video clip]  

“Its absolutely fantastic and it makes us a lot more employable knowing that we’ve been in an industrial environment...INTRA has been possibly one of the best experiences I have ever gotten from college. It gives you the chance to grow as a student, to grow as an individual and to grow in the area that you are genuinely interested in. It’s been a fantastic experience.”

         Bob Hughes Deputy Director of News TV3

Bob Hughes, INTRA Employer

Deputy Director of News, TV3

Watch Bob and hear his views on the DCU INTRA programme [video clip]  

“We’ve been consistently pleased with the standard of candidates from DCU that have applied for the INTRA placement with TV3. We’ve always been very enthusiastic about the INTRA scheme because the students are very well trained across a broad range of skills…its heartening actually to see such an in-depth education both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. They have a very strong idea of what they want to do when they come here…and we try to identify their strongest skills set and place them with the programme that really suits their skills. When they come in, the work very hard and intensely, they don’t do shadowing, they actually do work…and at the end of that 8 week period we hope that they come out of the placement with lots more experience and in some cases hopefully more and in the future - a job."

    Eva Sheehan Bachelor of Business Studies DCU

Eva Sheehan, INTRA with LinkedIn

Bachelor of Business at DCU

Watch Eva at work and listen to her comments [video clip] 

“LinkedIn and my team especially have gone to great lengths to make sure this is a fantastic learning experience for me.  To say that I've got a year's work experience in a world class global company before I finish University is something that I am so proud of and I've no doubts that it will definitely be helpful and of great use to me in the future in my career.”

            Simon McCoy Bachelor of Business Studies DCU

Simon McCoy, INTRA with ebay

Bachelor of Business at DCU

Watch Simon at work and listen to his comments [video clip]          

“A great thing about the INTRA system is that it allows you to work in environments that you would not have been qualified to work in previously.  To work in ebay you may have had to work for years in different organisations to build yourself up whereas with the INTRA system, it provides a stepping stone to get into the place where you want to work in your career straight away."