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INTRA Internships

Comments from Students and Graduates


Niall O'Connor BA Journalism DCU INTRA with The Herald


Niall O'Connor (Journalism) 2011

INTRA with The Herald  

Now, Political Correspondent with Independent News & Media   

"I had the immense pleasure of being invited out by the journalism class of 2013 this week and was taken aback by the level of success they have achieved.  While I knew they were a talented bunch, the sheer number of graduates who have secured jobs in news rooms across the country is nothing short of extraordinary, given the difficulties the industry is in.  But more so, many members of this class are rising through the ranks and making us slightly more senior reporters fear for our jobs!!   To have such a large number from a single journalism course secure jobs as soon as they graduated is worthy of recognition.  Also noteworthy is the fact that every single one of the aforementioned list speak highly of their time in DCU - both academically and otherwise.  As a proud graduate of our course, it's wonderful to meet fellow graduates like this group who promote the university following their departure.  They (and I) can't emphasise enough the role INTRA played in the securing of jobs. It is the most important and valuable element of the degree and should be maintained at all costs. I attribute my progress to INTRA and will never forget the assistance of that office in my final year." 


Conor Daly, Ian Kennedy, Nicola Delaney, Lisa Hennessy,
Marina Di Mambro and Kate McCarry (Business Studies) 2013 - 2014

INTRA with DHL Global Forwarding

Comments from students: "11 months of invaluable experience and a great bunch of new friends – a really great place to work”  ;"Real world experiences and opportunities shared with new friends for a year I will never forget” ; "Work hard, play harder (on your lunch break of course  :)!” ;"I really enjoyed my time in DHL and have gained invaluable experience which I will take with me on my career path” ; "Great learning, invaluable experience and the best 11 months of my life.” Read the full report for a more in-depth insight into working for DHL and advice and tips from our students.


Photo of Cliona Doyle


Cliona Doyle (Business Studies) 2010 - 2011

       INTRA with The Ireland Funds, New York          

"Having now graduated from business studies, I am glad to say INTRA lived up to everything I thought it would be, and more.  Securing my placement with The American Ireland Fund in New York City still stands out as one of the most exciting days of my life!  I had the opportunity to experience various departments in the organisation and it gave me a clear indication of what specialism to take in final year.  I was involved in organising incredible events and met some hugely influential people including President Bill Clinton and Mohammad Ali.  Over the course of the year I learnt more than I could have in any classroom or lecture room.  I am also delighted to say as of September 2014 I am returning to New York and to The American Ireland Fund, taking up a full time position as Projects Manger.  Once again I find myself faced with a great opportunity and again I am both excited and nervous but looking forward to the new challenge.  I am so grateful to both DCU and the INTRA office for these great opportunities."


Photo of Shane Colton


Shane Colton (Business Studies) 2012 - 2013

INTRA with Volkswagen Ireland   

   Now, Product and Forecasting Specialist with Opel Ireland      

"I did my INTRA year with Volkswagen Group Ireland and worked with the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand.  I worked as a Sales and Marketing Assistant.  My role also included working in areas such as product and planning and exposed me to many aspects of a business and a brand.  I took over sole responsibility of all vehicle orders and assisted in liaising with the dealer network continuously.  I was entrusted with much responsibility and through regular appraisals with my line manager, I developed independence and improved my performance throughout the year. Just recently I secured a job with Opel Ireland working as a Product and Forecasting Specialist.  I cannot endorse the INTRA programme enough and I know well that the year in Volkswagen was one of the main factors that I got the job as it was industry specific experience.  It is only now that I see the true value of the INTRA programme. I also believe I am better rounded individual as a result."


Photo of Martha Hayes


Martha Hayes (Business Studies) 2013 - 2014

             INTRA with The Ireland Funds, New York                 

"Having completed the placement, I can safely say that I have loved every moment of the experience.  For me this it was a warm, friendly and very happy place to come to work for every day.  This INTRA placement was a massive opportunity is for me.  The contacts and networking opportunities in this organization are second to none.   I couldn’t recommend living here more.  If you think city life will suit you, then this is the coolest place to be and there is always so much going on in the city that if you put yourself out there it is very difficult to get bored.  Tons of great bars, restaurants and social activities – you will love it!"  To hear more from Martha including tops tips and things to be aware of before applying, please read her full report [doc].