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Berklee Pathway

Explore the connection between DCU and the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston

An exciting opportunity

The DCU – Berklee College of Music Pathway programme provides students who have been accepted to Berklee College of Music, or are interested in being accepted to Berklee, with a unique opportunity to study music performance at Dublin City University and transfer their credits to Berklee.

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Finish at Berklee 

Interested in applying to Berklee? Find out more about interviewing and auditioning for Berklee here, and view an audition checklist here.

Dublin City University is one of Ireland’s foremost universities, and is a member of the Berklee Global Partners (BGP). This pathway programme, delivered with Berklee aligned curriculum, provides students with the opportunity to study in Dublin for one to two years and upon successful completion attend Berklee for degree completion.

With excellent facilities, an innovative curriculum, and outstanding instructors, this pathway can help students attain their goal of a Berklee music degree.

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