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Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars - Academic Year 2017/2018

Judge Brian Burns, Fulbright Fellow, February 2018


Visiting Scholars Application Process

The Visiting Scholar Programme is an integral aspect of the work of the Centre. We welcome scholars and graduate students from around the world and encourage our visitors to participate fully in the intellectual and social life of the Centre. To the extent allowed by our resources, we provide our visitors with office space, access to the University's research facilities and libraries, in addition to welcoming involvement by visitors in the vibrant academic community of the Centre by attending seminars, lectures and other academic gatherings. A Visiting Scholarship can range in duration from a week to a year.

Prospective Visiting Scholars should send their application materials via email as word or PDF documents to

These should include:

  • Statement of research plan (1,000 words max);
  • Detailed curriculum vitae;
  • Details of how the visit will be funded, and