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Web Guidelines

Site Homepage

What goes on my homepage?

Each site homepage on the website is comprised of:

  1. a main navigation menu on the left of the page
  2. a passage of introductory text in the centre and
  3. 4 image/highlight boxes on the right of the page

What can I put in the centre section of my site homepage?

The centre section of your homepage should:

  • contain a short paragraph of text introducing your faculty/school/department/centre
  • be a maximum of two paragraphs
  • not contain any images, headers or links

What are the four highlight boxes on the homepage of my site?

Each highlight box includes a heading, sub heading and an image, which all link to another page on your site.

These boxes are designed to be changed as frequently as needed. The purpose of these highlight boxes is:

  • to provide easy access on the homepage to frequently used or important pages
  • to highlight particular pages on the site you want user to be aware of (typically pages which are a level or two down in the menu.)
  • to highlight new content or news articles

How do I change the highlight boxes on the homepage of my site?

The Communications & Marketing department are responsible for maintaining consistency and high quality imagery across the DCU website. All highlight box images are provided and maintained by Communications & Marketing.

To update a homepage highlight box, you should submit your request through the highlight box request form (requires a valid DCU login) with the following information for each highlight box to be updated:

  • heading text
  • sub-heading text
  • URL to the page being linked to
  • description/purpose of image to be used

Communications & Marketing will work with the site owner to identify images that best fit each scenario whilst maintaining consistency and high quality imagery across the DCU site.

Communications & Marketing aim to process requests as quickly as possible, but it may take up to a week to process these requests.

I'd like to use an image I provide on a highlight box

You may submit images with your request, but it is at the discretion of Communications & Marketing as to whether submitted images are used.

Images submitted should be:

  • a photographic image
  • suitable for cropping to 239px wide by 349px high
  • a high quality JPG or TIF file

Images cannot:

  • include text – except as part of a photograph
  • include logos