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Office of the Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer (COO)


 About the COO

Reporting to the President, the Chief Operations Officer (COO), Dr. Declan Raftery, is a member of the President's Senior Management Group and provides input into strategic decision making. The COO is responsible for the management of the corporate and secretarial functions of the University, and for the oversight of legal functions for both the University and its associated campus companies.  The COO is the Secretary to the Governing Authority and the Office of the Chief Operations Officer provides administrative support to all Governing Authority Committees.  

 Areas of Resonsibility

In addition to the University Units which report directly to the Chief Operations Officer (COO), which are listed on the adjacent tab, the COO is also responsible for the following areas:



Supported Units

The following University Unit is supported by the Office of the Chief Operations Officer for administration purposes only. It reports directly to the President for management purposes.