Corporate Legal Affairs

The Office of the Chief Operations Officer (OCOO) is responsible for the management of the University's legal affairs and this section of the University's website provides further details on how that duty is discharged and the supports in place.

Any queries on its contents, or legal matters in general, should be directed to the OCOO. 

Where a unit of the University, or any of its campus companies, believes that it may require legal services then the approval to do so must firstly come from the University's Senior Management.

To ensure only authorised firms are used a legal Services Framework is in place for both the University and its subsidiary companies. Under the Framework, the University has appointed a suite of legal firms to whom it may allocate work where legal services are required.

In addition, an 'Authorized Contact List' is in place with each of the firms which sets out whom, among the University's Senior Management, has the authority to instruct the appointed firms and request / approve new legal work on behalf of the University.    

If you believe your unit requires legal advice, including the advice of an external professional legal firm, please contact the Office of the Chief Operations Officer in the first instance. 

It should be noted that where legal services are being obtained or initiated that the budgetary source for the projected legal costs must be identified in advance, or a specific provision must be made for such costs in the unit's budget. 


All correspondence threatening or initiating legal action against the University, or any of its subsidiary companies, should be immediately forwarded to the Office of the Chief Operations Officer.