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Dublin City University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment conducive to the academic, social and personal development of all members of the university community. The University will take all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment for students, staff and visitors.

The purpose of this policy is:

  1. To help reduce alcohol related harm amongst the DCU community
  2. To promote the creation of a culture which is free from the pressure to consume alcohol
  3. Assist the DCU community to make informed decisions about alcohol through education on the risks associated with alcohol consumption
  4. To encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol amongst the DCU community, when alcohol is being consumed
  5. Promote alcohol related personal responsibility and social obligation
  6. Provide caring, confidential and effective supports for those who seek assistance as a result of alcohol misuse.

This policy is in line with our commitment to and membership of the Responding to Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Third-Level (REACT) project, DCU Healthy Charter and the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill (2015).

This policy applies to all registered students of the University - on campus and on all other occasions when they are representing the University or are identifiable as students of the University.

The Alcohol Policy is an integrated whole university policy offering individual, whole student body and environmental strategies, as endorsed by health promotion models. 

Individual Level

The University will

  • Disseminate the DCU Alcohol Policy to students during Orientation and club/society training
  • Educate and increase awareness of the benefits of alcohol reduction and the harmful and negative effects of alcohol consumption
  • Provide and promote E-PUB, a web based intervention, for personalised feedback on drinking patterns
  • Advertise the availability of confidential on-campus supports for students including The Counselling and Personal Development Service and The Health Centre for students who require help with their alcohol consumption
  • Advertise off campus supports including Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.
  • Promote awareness of staff who are trained in ‘Screening & Brief Intervention Training for Problem Alcohol and Drug Use’
  • Develop and utilise peer to peer supports and activities to contribute to the reduction of alcohol related harm.              

Whole University Body

The University will:

  • Actively support the development of attractive alcohol-free cultural, social and entertainment programmes
  • Continue to prohibit the promotion of alcohol products and alcohol as an inducement to attending an event or join a club or society, alcohol sponsorship and alcohol as prizes
  • Prohibit events that encourage the rapid and/or excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Events that offer complimentary alcoholic drinks must comply with the following:
    • Advertising for events must not mention the availability of alcohol
    • Maximum of 1 standard drink allocated per person for any university organised function
    • Where alcoholic drinks are being provided, soft drinks must also be made available
    • Provision of free alcohol must be accompanied by food
  • Student organisations that wish to organise events on campus involving alcohol must comply with the Office of Student Life event guidelines and may do so in the following ways: 
    • In the Student Centre licensed premises with the permission of the Bar Manager and under the conditions laid down by the City Centre Club Committee
    • By arrangement with the campus caterers, with the food and alcohol being supplied by the caterers
  • The University prohibits the hosting of ‘event banquets’ as part of an official intervarsity event. The University will not support or fund students’ attendance at such events in other institutions.  This is in line with Student Sport Ireland Intervarsity guidelines
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited while travelling by car, bus or train to DCU organised events.  This includes team travel, club events, society outings, trips, balls etc.
  • Training in the Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) and in-house training will be provided for all those serving alcohol in campus bars
  • Consumption of alcohol in public places on campus is prohibited and alcohol consumption should be confined to designated licensed premises.                               

Greater Environment

  • Promoters of external bars and nightclubs are prohibited from advertising on campus unless it is a joint event run in conjunction with and/or approved by the Office of Student Life
  • The promotion or advertising of alcohol products and alcohol sponsorship is prohibited on campus for student activities or student groups
  • The HSE Ask About Alcohol branded information will be used, where appropriate
  • The University has responsibility for the following:
  1. To develop alcohol free social spaces on campus
  2. To work in partnership under the REACT project to reduce alcohol related harm
  3. To develop campus community alliances that aim to reduce alcohol related harm such as Ballymun Drug & Alcohol Task Force
  4. To contribute to the implementation of the Ballymun Community Alcohol Strategy 2017-2020
  5. To monitor the availability, accessibility and marketing of alcohol on campus and respond accordingly
  6. To conduct research on alcohol consumption, behaviours and attitudes amongst the DCU community, and monitor trends and early identification of needs
  7. To proactively assist student organisations to find alternatives to sponsorship from drinks companies.

All members of the University community should be aware of the policy. The following members of the Community hold special responsibility for its implementation:

Director of Student Support & Development (SS&D): Provides advice, guidance and referrals to relevant services.

Office of Student Life: Provides advice, guidance and referrals to relevant services and oversees the governance of clubs, societies and student activities and events on and off campus

Students’ Union Sabbaticals: Provide advice, guidance and referrals to relevant services.

Chief Operating Officer: Responsible for ensuring the University meets its legal obligations with regards to alcohol supply and distribution.

Students breaching this policy will be subject to the University’s Disciplinary Procedures, which can be found at  Any breaches in relation to items included in the Intoxicating of Liquor Act 2008 may be reported to An Garda Síochána, as appropriate.

This policy will be reviewed in one year and the DCU REACT Steering Committee will engage in the REACT research project to further inform individual, whole student body and environmental strategies and the DCU Alcohol policy.

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