Dublin Bay data buoy

Dublin Bay Data Buoy

Real time data from the newly commissioned Dublin Bay data buoy is now available at https://app.konectgds.com/kiosk/0b9de557-ae20-4cc9-a4b3-d5242ccbeca0.
Environmental parameters recorded include salinity, temperature, pH, partial pressure of CO2, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll.


Coastal zones are threatened by forces such as climate change and sea-level rise that combine to drive increasingly intense storms, flooding, and erosion. Assessment and prediction of coastal vulnerability can only be achieved by systematic and sustained monitoring of physical, chemical and biological processes that occur in coastal zones. PREDICT aims to provide experimental proof-of-concept in Dublin Bay that can be extrapolated to a range of environments. All data and models produced will be made publicly available.

The project is multidisciplinary and will integrate mathematical modelling, remote and in-situ sensing, physical and chemical oceanography and seabed mapping. This research is funded by Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI), the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) and the Marine Institute (MI). The project is coordinated in Dublin City University (DCU), with Principal Investigators in Maynooth University (MU), University College Cork (UCC) and the GSI.