PREDICT Data Portal

The PREDICT Data Portal is an interactive web environment which allows data collected by the PREDICT project to be displayed and mapped, in turn facilitating collaboration and planning between partners on the project. The Portal will also be a platform to share this data publicly in a user friendly and easy to use environment.

The PREDICT Data Portal is functional but in a state of constant development, so please report any issues to the contact provide on the landing page.

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PREDICT Data Catalogue

The PREDICT Data Catalogue is a repository of all sources of environmental data found by project members for Dublin Bay and the surrounding region. All partners have access to it, and once a new source of data is identified they will add it to the catalogue. This facilitates data sharing and collaboration between the partners.

The PREDICT Data Catalogue is available through the PREDICT Portal.

Sea Level Rise (SLR) Application

This app is developed for exploring Sea Level Rise (SLR) in the Irish Sea. Through this app, you can visualise SLR rates around the sea and also compare annual and monthly sea level time series of different locations. 

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Bull Island Weather Station Data

The data is recorded on the Davis Vantage pro 2 weather station at Bull island and is uploaded onto the weather link cloud every hour.  Data that is recorded includes wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, wind run, wind chill, heat index, air pressure and precipitation. The weather link cloud enables all team members to access and download data from a database, opposed to the requirement of software on the computer. Data can be downloaded for a specific period, for example from a few days, to a number of weeks or months. The cloud also creates average monthly summaries for the data e.g. monthly rainfall/ monthly temperature for July. There is also a weather link app for phone devices available with the cloud which shows a 7 day forecast which is useful for predicting localised weather conditions for surveying. 

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