Area of Expertise

Research at the School of Psychology at DCU focuses on three wide and interdependent themes leading to an overarching, multifaceted goal: to understand mind, brain, and behaviour in ways that transform people, society, and technology with the aim of living well as individuals, families, and communities.

Our ethos is underpinned by four general principles that, altogether, make our research unique and impactful: 

  • Developing engaged forms of research that transform lives for the better
  • Building bridges within psychology and beyond it by valuing inter- and transdisciplinary studies
  • Fostering methodological diversity focused on the use of rigorous, innovative and inclusive methods
  • Cultivating future-oriented, possibilities expanding research for the world of today and tomorrow

Understanding brain and behaviour
This research theme focuses on investigating the complex interplay between mental processes, brain structure and function, and behaviour across different populations and contexts. This involves using a range of experimental, observational, behavioural and neuropsychological techniques to explore topics such as perception, cognition, emotion, decision making, and psychopathology, among others.

Transforming society and technology
This research theme focuses on the intersection between psychological processes, societal phenomena, and innovation, social and technological. This involves examining, among others, the interdependence between technology and psychology, the dynamics of community building, the interplay between identity, learning, and creativity. It also explores the ethical, legal, social, political and environmental implications of processes of change and transformation.

Psychology, wellbeing and health
This research theme focuses on understanding and influencing  the factors that contribute to health, illness, and well-being. This reflects an interest in the role played by biological processes, individual differences, and psychological, social, systemic, environmental and cross-cultural factors in shaping wellbeing and health in individuals, families and communities and in diverse contexts.