FN345 Deregistration 2021-22

FN345 Deregistration 2021-212
DCU Online Registration Terms and Conditions Academic Year 2020-2021

Technical Requirements

For information on technical requirements to ensure the highest level of performance when using the online registration system, please visit Registration - Frequently Asked Questions.

Student Registration – Programme and Module Registration

To complete the online registration process students must -

  • log onto https://www4.dcu.ie/student-registration.shtml with your username and password
  • check your registration schedule and make note of your optional modules, where a choice exists (You will be directed to the registration schedule when you login. Use this as a guide for selecting your modules)
  • check / update your PPSN, biographical and next of kin details online
  • click ‘I Accept’ to accept the rules and regulations of the University for the coming year
  • register online correctly for your qualification (programme of study) and your modules
  • pay your fees (Please note you are NOT registered by paying your fees only, you must complete all relevant steps of the online registration process)

Please note:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are correctly registered and adhere to the deadlines for making changes to your registration. Check carefully the ‘Confirmation of Module Choices’ to ensure that your choices for the full academic year are accurately reflected. 
  • By clicking ‘I Accept’ at the end of this page, you acknowledge the information contained in the ‘Data Protection Notice’.

Payment of Course Fees

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure they have read our DCU Student Fee Protocol prior to registration.

Confirmation of student fee amounts due can be viewed at https://www.dcu.ie/fees/index.shtml#

It must be noted that your fees become due and payable once you have registered on a programme of study.  Students who have applied for third party funding and are subsequently refused will be pursued for payment of the relevant fees.

Sanctions for non-payment of fees and other debts owed to DCU

Please be advised that any outstanding fees or debts owed to the University and/or its subsidiary companies that includes Campus Residences DAC may result in sanctions for students.  A list of the sanctions can be viewed on pages 2 and 3 of the.DCU Student Fee Protocol.

Student Identification Cards

Student Identification Cards are issued for first year students who complete the online registration process and who are in good financial standing with the University. Further details on ID card collection will be posted on the following web page at this Link.

Terms & Conditions

The University reserves the right to revise, amend, alter or delete programmes of study and academic regulations at any time by giving such notice as may be determined by Academic Council in relation to any such change.



Confirmation of Registration

I confirm that all the information provided by me to the University is correct. I agree to be bound and to abide by the University's rules, policies, regulations and code of discipline in force from time to time and all amendments to same.

I understand the University may:

  1. provide to the appropriate authority (e.g. Higher Education Authority, Student Universal Support Ireland, Department of Social Protection, etc.) such information as the University may be required to furnish from time to time;
  2. use personal information relating to me as appropriate for all University business, including conferring ceremonies; and
  3. share my data both personal and academic with approved partners where joint award, student exchange or partnership agreements are in place.

I confirm that I will comply with the parameters of COVID-19 public health and safety advice at all times, specifically the DCU Return to Campus Protocol and public health guidance, as it develops on a rolling basis.  I note that this information will be available and regularly updated on the DCU website.


Data Protection Notice

When you register with Registry you will be required to complete a registration process and to provide certain personal data to Registry, which is necessary for you to register with the University. Registry will process, use and retain this personal data for:

  1. registration and administration purposes in connection with your course and modules including to maintain your student records;
  2. for purposes connected with the University’s provision to you of programmes of academic study and in accordance with the University’s statutory functions under the University Acts; and
  3. as necessary for the University to meet certain legal obligations to which the University is subject.


DCU Registry may also obtain personal data relating to you from other sources e.g. CAO/PAC process. Your personal data will at all times be processed, used and retained by the University in accordance with its obligations under applicable data protection law and as set out in the DCU Privacy Policy. Your personal data will be retained by the University for the duration of your enrolment on a course of study at the University and for a reasonable period thereafter, including for alumni relations purposes as described in the Privacy Policy.


While Registry does not generally seek or collect special categories of personal data (e.g. medical/health data or data relating to race/ethnicity), in certain circumstances it will do so. An example includes the processing of medical certificates for consideration in relation to the student academic record (e.g. postponements and extenuating circumstances).


To find further information about the types of personal data collected, how and why the University processes such personal data in relation to your data protection rights please refer to the DCU Privacy Policy.


Sharing of Personal Data with the HEA

Please note that your data will be shared with the Higher Education Authority for funding allocation, statistical analysis and policy formulation purposes. The data shared include personal data such as name, address, Eircode, PPSN, grant status and CAO data. By continuing with your registration, you are agreeing to your data being shared with the Higher Education Authority. Full details of what data are shared and how these data are used can be accessed at this HEA Link. If you wish to object to the processing of your personal data in this manner, or if you have any queries in relation to the processing of your personal data generally, please contact:



HEA Data Protection Officer

email: dataprotection@hea.ie


Sharing of Personal Data with SUSI

Details about the categories of data and the purposes of processing the data with Student Universal Support Ireland can be found at this SUSI Link.



Sharing of Personal Data with Credit Card Systems Ltd (CCS).

Please note that your data may be shared with CCS for the purpose of ID verification and DCU Student ID card production. The data shared includes personal data such as name, address, Date of Birth programme of study and DCU student email address. This data will only be held by CCS for a short period of time and will be expunged when the DCU registration process closes.


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