Postgraduate Taught Courses - Making an application

How to Make an Application

To make a Postgraduate Taught application, please use the relevant application portal below. Before making an application, please ensure you have all appropriate entry requirements and provide all supporting documentation, as outlined on each DCU course webpage.

DCU Student Application Portal:


Note for Research Applicants: Please click on the following link for further information about Making a Postgraduate Research Application and for other useful information for research applicants, please visit the DCU Graduate Studies page.

Postgraduate Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for all programmes can be found on each of the course webpages. On each course page, there is a section called "Requirements", which will outline the requisite entry criteria, the application deadline and all other relevant information needed for making an application for a course.

Application Queries

Applicants may submit their application queries to the following email addresses:

Postgraduate Taught EU Students:

Postgraduate Taught Non-EU Students:

All Postgraduate Research Students:

Fees Queries:

DCU Admission Appeals Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the grounds for an appeal against an admission decision. To access the policy, please click here