R42 - Request to Exit Programme with an Alternative Award

A programme of study may have alternative exit routes, named exit awards, whereby a student may receive an award for a lesser number of credits than the programme on which he/she is registered. Exit awards must be approved either at the time of accreditation or subsequently by Education Committee. Exit awards are outlined in programme regulations along with any specific core module requirements.

R42 Form should be completed to request to exit from your current programme of study with an alternative (lesser credit) award where this is available.

Forms received after the end of the term will not be processed until the Progression and Award Board has taken place.

Dublin City University is not responsible and shall not be bound by errors in or omissions from this publication; the University reserves the right to revise, amend, alter or delete programmes of study and academic regulations at any time by giving such notice as may be determined by Academic Council in relation to any such change.


Please note the relevant Submission Deadlines below:


R42 Submission Deadlines
Semester One 2023/24:  Monday 27th November 2023
Semester Two 2023/24:   Monday 1st April 2024
August 2023/24:   Monday 8th July 2024
November 2023/24:  Monday 23rd September 2024