Single Module Programme (Psychology)
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Single Module Programme (Psychology), Continuous


  • Students may register for one to four modules in one academic year, from the following module list:
    • PY100: What is Psychology?
    • PY110: Exploring Psychological Research
    • PY230: Cognitive Psychology and Biopsychology
    • PY310: Abnormal Psychology and Psychological Counselling


  • A specific request to study any other psychology module must be made to
    • PY320: Advanced Research Methods and Project. Please note this is an advanced module and involves the completion of a research project. This type of module requires a high level of commitment and therefore students should carefully consider registering for this module along with other modules. It is exceptional for a SMPPY student to take this module. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: Where a student registers/is given leave to register for modules outside of the combinations detailed above, a schedule free of timetabling clashes cannot be guaranteed. If you think you may have registered for modules outside of the combinations permitted in this document please contact as a matter of urgency.


Please see the online prospectus for the SMPPY for more information.
















What is Psychology?

Exploring Psychological Research

Social and Organisational Psychology

Developmental and Educational Psychology

Quantitative and Qualitative Research in Psychology

Cognitive Psychology and Biopsychology

Individual Differences

Abnormal Psychology and Psychological Counselling

Advanced Research Methods and Project

Wellbeing Summer School

15 Credits

15 Credits

15 Credits

15 Credits

15 Credits

15 Credits

15 Credits

15 Credits

15 Credits

5 Credits

Updated 17th July  2023 


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