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Amalee Meehan is Assistant Professor of Religious Education at the Institute of Education, DCU. She teaches on the Bachelor of Religious Education (BRelEd) and is a guest lecturer on the Doctor of Education (EdD) programme and with the Church of Ireland Centre, DCU. 

An Associate Researcher at the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre (ABC) at DCU, Amalee is on the management team of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) project TRIBES Transnational Collaboration on Bullying, Migration and Integration in Second-Level Schools.

Amalee’s publication profile ranges from theology and spirituality to education, religious education, wellbeing and inclusive education.  For instance, she co-authored a number of religious education textbooks for Catholic high schools in the United States as part of the Credo Series.  Her current research interests are in education and wellbeing, inclusive religious education, and best practices for integration of Newly Arrived Migrant Students (NAMS), and their implications for curriculum, school culture and practice.   



Year Publication
2014 Amalee Meehan & Daniel O'Connell (2014) Exploring Sacred Scripture, Teacher’s Resource. Credo Series Option A: Sacred Scripture. Frisco, Texas: Veritas.
2013 Amalee Meehan, Daniel O'Connell & Ailis Travers. (2013) Living and Loving as Disciples of Christ, Credo Series Book 6. Frisco, Texas: Veritas.
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2012 Amalee Meehan (2012) Joining the Dots: A programme of spiritual reflection and renewal for educators. Dublin: Veritas.

Book Chapter

Year Publication
2021 Amalee Meehan & Daniel O'Connell (2021) 'Religious Education in Irish Catholic Primary Schools: Recent Developments, Challenges and Opportunities' In: Irish and British Reflections on Catholic Education: Foundations, Identity, Leadership Issues and Religious Education in Catholic Schools. Singapore : Springer.
2018 Amalee Meehan (2018) 'The Sickness of Long Thinking: Religious Education and the new Junior Cycle' In: Contemporary Perspectives in Catholic Education. London : Gracewing.
2017 Amalee Meehan (2017) 'Reclaiming our ‘own selves’: Christian religious education and the new Junior Cycle' In: Does Religious Education Matter?. London : Routledge.
2013 Amalee Meehan (2013) 'What the Catholic School Has to Offer' In: Why Send Your Child to a Catholic School?. Dublin : Veritas.
2012 Amalee Meehan & Daniel O'Connell (2012) 'Exploring the spiritual dimension of the school curriculum' In: New Educational Horizons in Contemporary Ireland. Oxford : Peter Lang.
2008 Amalee Meehan (2008) 'The Spirituality of Teaching and Learning' In: Exploring Religious Education: Catholic Religious Education in an Intercultural Europe. Dublin : Veritas.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Year Publication
2020 Meehan A. (2020) 'Religion as a Source of Well-Being: Implications for Second-Level School Programs in Ireland and Beyond'. Religious Education, :1-15.
2019 Amalee Meehan (2019) 'Wellbeing in the Irish Junior Cycle: the potential of Religious Education'. Irish Educational Studies, .
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2020 Meehan, A (2020) 'Religion as a Source of Well-Being: Implications for Second-Level School Programs in Ireland and Beyond'. Religious Education, .

Other Journal

Year Publication
2020 Amalee Meehan (2020) 'Faith and character formation in Catholic schools: A view from Ireland' VI (1-2) :215-224.
2019 Amalee Meehan (2019) 'Is there a future for Christian Religious Education in Irish Post-Primary Schools?' 108 (429) :84-92.
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2011 Amalee Meehan (2011) 'Minding our Teachers' .
2008 Amalee Meehan (2008) 'Partners in Ministry: The Role of Women in Jesuit Education' 198 (16) .

Conference Contribution

Year Publication
2021 Amalee Meehan (2021) ESAI: Possibilities in Education: Reimagining Connections with People, Purpose and Place Welcoming students with migrant backgrounds: How education policies across Europe are shaped by context and experience Online, 25/03/2021-26/03/2021.
2020 Amalee Meehan (2020) ESAI: Opening Up Education: Options, Obstacles and Opportunities Wellbeing in the Irish Junior Cycle: Can there be a role for Religious Education? Online, 03/09/2020-05/09/2020.

Online Article

Year Publication
2020 Amalee Meehan (2020) How will faith influence Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in office?. ELEA Link
2020 Amalee Meehan (2020) Is there a spiritual side to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic?. ELEA Link
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