Fire Safety

Life safety in the event of Fire or other emergencies is our highest priority. Our Fire Evacuation plan is designed to ensure that building occupants can be evacuated quickly and safely. Fire Wardens have been appointed for all buildings.


In Case of Fire




DCU Fire Warden Team



Block A - Albert College

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Declan Raftery Office of the Chief Operations Officer 5117 A2.01A
Fina Akintola Office of the Chief Operations Officer 5118 A2.01B
Jane Neville Presidents Office 5116 A1.02
Helen Coleman Office of Vice President Academic Affairs 5682 A2.05
Pauline Mooney Office of Vice President Academic Affairs 8810 A1.49
Rachel Keegan Office of Vice President Academic Affairs  6285 A1.52
Fiona Dwyer Quality Promotion Office 8411 A1.54
Robbie Walsh Finance 5971 A1.40F
Laura Gardner Finance 8293 First Floor
Sandra Kelly Finance 7072 Second Floor
Fiona Maguire Finance 7516 Second Floor
Judy McDonald Finance 8343 Second Floor

Block B - Invent

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Patrick Coffey PDST 8380 Basement
Michelle Herron PDST 8200 Ground Floor
Maeve Freeman Invent (Reception) 7777 Ground Floor
Hilary Coates Invent 5179 Ground Floor
Kieran O'Dwyer Research and Innovation Support 5729 Ground Floor
Fiona Morrisey Research and Innovation Support 8000 Ground Floor
Mary Whyte Restaurant 7560 Ground Floor
Maria Johnston Invent 7597 First Floor
Emma O'Neill Invent na Second Floor

Block C /CA - Henry Grattan Building

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Amanda Kavanagh Health & Safety Office 8678 CG.10
Paula Kierans Health & Safety Office 8896 CG.47
Paula Hawkins Health & Safety Office 70.34 CG.10
Jim Rogers Communications 5672 C1.45D
David O'Callaghan Communications 5190 C1.00
Damien Hickey Communications 5201 C1.05
Gillian Barry Registry 5105 Ground Floor
Carol Grehan Registry 7413 Ground Floor
Lisa Buckley Registry 8489 Ground Floor
Mary McKiernan Registry 6425 Ground Floor
Georgina Roberts Registry 8347 Ground Floor
Olivia McGinn Registry 8995 Ground Floor
Maria Lyons ISS 5601 CAG.31 Henry Grattan Extension
Daire Delmar ISS 5497 CAG.31 Henry Grattan Extension
Gerald Cannon ISS 5958 CAG.31 Henry Grattan Extension
Sebastian Dooris ISS 8228 CAG.31 Henry Grattan Extension
Claire Bohan Student Support & Development 5164 Student Advice Centre- Ground Floor
Deirdre Moloney Student Support & Development 6281 Student Advise Centre- Ground Floor
Lorna Galligan Student Support & Development 5492 Student Advice Centre- Ground Floor
Siobhan Murphy Careers Office 5847 CG.26B
  Intra Support 5176 CG.29
Fiona Hudson Access Service 5530 CG.72
Colette Keogh Access Service 8868 CG.73
Barbara Gaynor Disability & Learning Support 5927 CG.38
Fiona Gallagher SALIS 5794 C1.109
Paula Smith Meaney SALIS 5231 C1.38
Annette Simon SALIS 5463 C2.112
Goretti Daughton Humanities & Social Sciences 5014 C2.37
Kirsty Rickard Humanities & Social Sciences 7191 C2.01
Colm Kearns Humanities & Social Sciences    
Proma Raychaudhury Humanities & Social Sciences    
Shane Forde Humanities & Social Sciences    

Block D - Bea Orpen

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Clare Gormley Teaching Enhancement Unit                   6301 DG.11
Una Ryan Open Education  5266 DG.04
Michelle Smyth Open Education 5327 D1.03
Sandra Forster Open Education  5371 D1.16
Valerie Cooke OVPAA 5938 D1.06
Aisling Deignan Open Education 8384 D3.00
Toni Martin The Ideas Lab, NIDL 5331  
Conchur Mac Lochlainn The Ideas Lab, NIDL 5346  

Block E - Estates Office

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Linda Martin Estates Office Reception 5142 EG.01
Richard Kelly Estates Office 5204  
Michael Woods Estates Office 5039  
Coreen Malone Estates Office 5343  
Gavin Osborne Estates Office 5044  
Richard Jones Estates Office 8901  
Raymond Wheatley Security 8990  
Eddie Hamilton Security 7812/8990  
Shay Keating Security 8990  
John Whelan Security 8990  
Bernard Keogh Security 8990  
Brendan Howard Security 8990  
Rory O'Donoghue Security 8990  
Paul Mullen Security 8990  
Liam Gaughran Security 8990  
Anthony Zambra Security 8990  
Denis Roche Security 8990  

Block G - NICB

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Gillian Smith NICB 8806 GG.01
Michael Henry NICB 5728 GG.10
Finbar O'Sullivan NICB 5726/8390 GG.09
Mairead Callan STEP Research 5702 GG.08

Block GA - NRF

Name School Unit                                                Phone Number                                   Room Number                                         
Maurice Burke                                          

Science & Health         






Barry O'Connell Science & Health                                6292 GA1.08
Lorcan Kent Step 6297/6305 GA1.08
Stephen Fuller Step 6305/6293 GA1.08
Robbie Sinnott Step Research           6320 GA1.05
Úna Prendergast NRF 6296 GA1.08


Block H - School of Nursing & Human Sciences

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Grace Hickey Nursing & Human Sciences 5077 HG.01
Siobhan Doherty Nursing & Human Sciences 7987 HG.01
Sharon Whyte Nursing & Human Sciences 7954 HG.01
Evelyn Kelleher Nursing & Human Sciences 8536 H1.22E
Adele Keough Nursing & Human Sciences 8560 H1.22F
Anna Kimmins Nursing & Human Sciences 7092 H1.22G
Paul Buchanan Nursing & Human Sciences 6195 H2.35
Catherine Corrigan Nursing & Human Sciences 5916 H2.68A
Rosaleen McElvaney Nursing & Human Sciences 7383 H2.69A
Sharon Farrell Nursing & Human Sciences 7951 H2.69B
Liz Hartnett Nursing & Human Sciences 7854 H2.71
Michael Burke Science & Health 5110 H3.01
Pauline Walsh HLC - ExWell Medical 6270 Ground Floor
Catherine Timmins Healthy Living Centre 7171 Ground Floor 
Mary Glover Healthy Living Centre   Ground Floor 
Suzanne Griffin Restaurant (Nursing) 7902 Ground Floor (Restaurant)

Block J - Hamiliton Building

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Paul Barham Biounite 5949 JG.07
Jennifer O'Donovan Xeolas 01-9023069 J2.00
Denis O'Reilly Xeolas 01-9023069  
Ronan Brady Xeolas    

Block K - Student Centre - Hub

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Una Redmond Office of Student Life 5280 K1.01
Siobhan Byrne Office of Student Life 5585 K1.13
Podge Sheehan Office of Student Life 7177  
Anne Marie Brophy Office of Student Life 5392  
Ashley Dooley Martin Nubar 8724  
David Kineavy Nubar 8724  
Allan Stevenson Nubar 8724  
Kaara Hogan Londis 5638  
David Walsh Londis 5638  
Anthony Londis 5638  
Alan Crowe Londis 5638  
David Walsh Londis 5638  
Nick Ye Londis 5638  

Block L - McNulty Building

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Jonny Hobson Graduate Studies Office 5136 LG.13
Colette Real DCUBS Postgraduate Room 8483 LG.28
Sean Haran Computing 8703 L1.12
Jim Doyle Computing 5350 L1.13
Gary Conway Computing 5648 L1.09
Eugene Curran Computing 5941 L1.11
Alison McNeill Engineering & Computing 6793 L1.32
Patricia White Computing 8980 L1.21
Joachim Wagner Computing 6915 L2.15
Laura Grehan CNGL 6705 L2.05
Eric Arazo Insight 6830 L1.29
Abid Yaqoob Insight 4461 L1.15
Owen Corrigan Insight 6830 L1.29
Joseph Antony Insight 4255 L1.08B
Diego Ortego Insight 6830 L1.29
Graham Healy Insight 7364 L2.36
Kasuhik Venkataraman Insight 6840 L2.23
Dongyun Nie Insight na L2.23
Suzanne McCarthy Insight  na  L2.23 
Anne Daly Adapt Centre 6700 L2.17

Block M - Inter-Faith Centre

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number

Block N - Marconi Building

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Des Lavelle Physics 5282 NG.14
Henry Barry Physics 5520 NG.23
Alan Hughes Physics 5271 N1.02
Lisa Peyton Physics 5306 N1.44
Paul van Kampen Physics 5023 N1.43
Ray Murphy Physics 8996 N2.16
Pat Wogan Physics 5275 N2.21
Liam Domican Mechanical Engineering 8365 N1.10
Gillian Moriarty Engineering & Computing 8487 N1.13
Linda Prosa Computing 7641 N1.13
Deirdre McCabe Insight 6007 N2.07
Frances Winston Insight 7937 N2.08
Aisling Robinson Insight 6007 N2.07
Eric Arazo Insight 6007 N2.07
Amy Hall Insight 6872 N2.07
Paolo Pirovano Insight 6009 N2.09
Diarmuid Kennedy Insight 5363 N2.08
Cameron Hazel Insight 5273 N2.05
Andrew Donohoe Insight 5273 N2.05
Komala Pandurangan Insight 6419 N2.09
David Boyle Fraunhofer Project 5889 N2.27

Block PG - Pavillion

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Anne Fitzgerald CTYI 5762 PG.01
Jenny Kelly CTYI 5835 PG.02
Leeanne Hinch CTYI 5598 PG.02

Block PR-Restaurant

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Louise Plummer Main Restaurant 5550  
Ombreta Oprisan Main Restaurant 5550  
George Petcu Main Restaurant    
Chris Curran Main Restaurant    
Joanne Leeper Main Restaurant    
Cristina Elena Petcu Main Restaurant    
Helen Leeper Main Restaurant    
Lillianna Main Restaurant    
Aoife Groome Main Restaurant    
Amanda Clyne Main Restaurant    
Patricia Andrade Main Restaurant    
Cristiano Unanue Garcia Main Restaurant    
Vankat Pahike Main Restaurant    
Cleveson Luiz Mahenti Main Restaurant    
Valentina Illinoiu Main Restaurant    
Sergiu Culda Main Restaurant    
Mark McCormack Main Restaurant    
Michal Surowiec Main Restaurant    
Paula Kiernan Main Restaurant    
Alexandru Tarmane Main Restaurant    
Izabella Lewandowska Main Restaurant    
Roxana Craciun Main Restaurant    
Mariana Dias Main Restaurant    
Dina Baciu Main Restaurant    
Alex Mattos Main Restaurant    
Kathleen de Lima Main Restaurant    
Monika Svrcinova Main Restaurant    
Vinicius Santana Main Restaurant    
Paul Canning Main Restaurant    
  Main Restaurant    

Block Q - DCUBS

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Andrew MacIntyre DCUBS 6952 QG.07
Gavin Brown DCUBS 6952 QG.07
Muriel Keegan DCUBS 5538 Q1.01
Ruth Finnegan DCUBS 8106 Q1.01
Jonathan Begg DCUBS 7499 Q1.03
Catherine Bebbington DCUBS 8328 Q1.08
Sandra Bradley DCUBS 6394 Q1.08
Melanie Lonergan DCUBS   Q1.08
Karen Keating DCUBS 7572 Q1.16
Dr PJ Byrne DCUBS 6879 Q1.37
Brid Murphy DCUBS 5685 Q1.55
Emily Phipps DCUBS 5942 Q1.59
Nichola O'Sullivan DCUBS 5453 Q1.59
Niamh Fitzgerald DCUBS 5628 Q1.59
Niamh Bryan DCUBS 6825 Q1.59
Debbie Trimble DCUBS 5180 Q1.60
Catherine Tierney DCUBS 8288 Q1.60
Jenny Butterly DCUBS 5681 Q1.60
Victor Lima DCUBS 6818 Q2.06
Ciara Feeney DCUBS 6956 Q2.08
Caroline Enright DCUBS 6859 Q2.08
Olive Flynn DCUBS 7790 Q3.20
David Mann DCUBS   Q3.20
Deirdre O'Reilly DCUBS 7719 Q3.20
Anne-Marie Caherty DCUBS 8546 Q3.20
David Mann DCUBS   Q3.20

Block QA - MacCormac Building


School Unit

Phone Number

Room Number

Joe Maxwell Human Resources 7070 First Floor
  Educational Trust   Ground Floor

Block S - Stokes Building

Name                School Unit Phone Number                         Room Number                     
Chris Crouch Mechanical Engineering         5824                                   SB.14
Liam Domican Mechanical Engineering 8365 SB.30
Billy Roarty  Electronic Engineering 5366 SG.17
Conor Maguire Electronic Engineering 8320 S1.42
Robert Clare Electronic Engineering 5867 S1.42
Liam Meany Electronic Engineering 8150 S1.42
Paul Wogan Electronic Engineering 5868 S1.31
Robert Groarke Mechanical Engineering 7713 S2.02
Breda McManus Electronic Engineering 5325 S3.48
Paul Young Mechanical Engineering 8374 S3.74
Owen Clarkin Mechanical Engineering 6496 S3.86
David Kinahan Mechanical Engineering 6592 S3.86
Lorna Fitzsimons Mechanical Engineering 7716 S3.88
Martha Caulfield Freir STEP Research 6456 S3.07
Stephen Fuller NCSR 6305 S1.03
Brian O'Reilly NCSR 6306 S1.03
Susan Kelleher NCSR 6337 S1.52
Josephine Ozoami NCSR 7712 S1.01
Conor Murphy NCSR 7667 S1.18
Jim Conway Physics 7680 S1.16
Prince Anandarajah RINCE 7537 S3.29
Aindrias Cullen Insight  8291 S3.51

Block S – FPC Wing

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Raphaela Ferriera Fraunhofer Project na S1.152
Barry Byrne Fraunhofer Project 5818 S3.155
Cliodhna Horan Fraunhofer Project 8061 S3.156

Block U - DCU Sports

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Ronan Langan DCU Exeskeleton Programme 7001  House 19
Niamh Hanley DCU Sport 5812  
Gemma Dempsey DCU Sport 6111  
Ken Robinson DCU Sport 8890  
Maureen Brophy DCU Sport 5797  
Emma Kenny DCU Sport 6116  
John Matthews DCU Sport 5797  
Kaja Villau DCU Sport 5797  
Fergal Smyth DCU Sport 5797  
Grace Reilly DCU Sport 5797  
Lydia Budz DCU Sport 5797  
Fiona Skelly DCU Sport 5797  
Eimear Kelly DCU Sport 5797  
Johny Tarmure DCU Sport 5797  
Stefan Gobl DCU Sport 5797  
Michael Robinson DCU Sport 5797  
Adriana Topa DCU Sport 5797  
Maya Kirby DCU Sport 5797  
  DCU Sport 5797  

Block V - Campus Residences

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
David Doyle Campus Residences 8037  
Oleg Verechchynskyy Campus Residences 7812  
Aisling Flood Campus Residences 8613  
Brian Kavanagh Campus Residences 8055  
Sarah Loney Campus Residences 5736  
Ewelina Wasiak Campus Residences 5736  
Mairead McGarry Campus Residences 5736  
Deborah Lawlor Campus Residences 8037  
Dumitrita Nacu Campus Residences 5736  
Laura Masteikate Campus Residences 5736  
Alexandrina Sleam Campus Residences 5736  
Nikaolai Homin Campus Residences 5736  
Svetlana Gordejeva Campus Residences 5736  
Gabriela Miskolci Campus Residences 5736  
Rory O'Toole Campus Residences 8037  
Saoirse O'Hagan Campus Residences 5736  

Block VB - Campus Residences

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Shima Yamanaka DCULS 6737 VBG.11
Dimitra Stefanopoulos DCULS 5087 VBG.08
Tanja Arnhold DCULS 7546 VBG.11
John O'Hara DCULS   VB
Eamonn O'Lorcain DCULS   VB

Block X - Lonsdale Building

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Deirdre Curtin Biotechnology 8039/5138 XG.46
Teresa Cooney Biotechnology 8039/5138 XG.46
Rosaleen Devery Biotechnology 5406 X2.11
Sandra O'Neill Biotechnology 5455 X2.04
Caroline Murphy Biotechnology 8324/7717 X2.02A/S2.05E
Mary Rafter Biotechnology 5284 X2.10
Emma Finlay Biotechnology 5408/5365 X2.10/X1.86
Mary Ross Chemical Sciences 5745/5111 XG.24
Vincent Hooper Chemical Sciences 5476 XG.28
John McLoughlin Chemical Sciences 8195 XG.28
Damien McGuirk Chemical Sciences 5111 X1.61
Peter Kenny Chemical Sciences 5689 X1.20
Ambrose May Chemical Sciences 8198 X1.64
Javier Monedero Health & Human Performance 8471 XB.28
Enda Murphy Health & Human Performance              8474 XB.28
Karen O'Shea Maths 5293 X1.40
Bernadette Feeney Maths 5293 X1.40
Tom Zurawski ICNT 7714/8979 X2.31/238A

Block Y - Library

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Mags Lehane Library 5028  
Claire Mason Library 8741  
Miriam Corcoran Library 8732  
Paraic Elliott Library 5041  
Sharon Ryan Library 5041  
Shauna McDermott Library 5183  
Siofra O'Loughlin Library    
Ellen Breen Library 5210  

Aoife Murphy




Stephanie Collins




Geraldine McNamara




DCU Sports Campus

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Stephen Bennett DCU Sports Campus 01-8570832  
Martin Budz Groundsman - DCU Sports Campus 01-8570832  







All Areas

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Stephen McNeilage Estates Office 884 2026 D1.21
Derek Brennan Estates Office 884 2027 D1.21
Paul Leahy Estates Office 884 2119 E Block Basement
David Peddie Estates Office 884 2187 E Block Basement
Paul Whelan Estates Office 884 2028 Gate Lodge
Emmet Ryan Estates Office 884 2028 Gate Lodge
Valerie McLoughlin Educational Disadvantage Centre 884 2021 Mov.06
Trudy Corrigan  School of Policy & Practice 884 2288 Mov.16
Maeve Power School of Policy & Practice 884 2394 Mov.29
Fr Paul Hampson Student Support & Development 884 2224 A1.09
Margaret Lamont Access Service 884 2169 A1.03
Mary Jones Student Support & Development 884 2008 Student Advice Centre
Amy Collins Student Support & Development 884 2004 C1.01
Claudine McGowan STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies 884 2166 C1.24
Aisling O'Loughlin STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies 884 2223 C3.05
Susan Pike STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies 884 2235 C4.03
Joe Usher STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies 884 2034 C1.05
Mary Glynn STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies 884 2347 C4.08
Lorraine Harbison STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies 884 2324 C2.15
Michele Somers STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies 884 2150 C4.06B
Miriam Ryan STEM Education, Innovation & Globa Studies 884 2258 C4.02
Geraldine Kiernan  Institute of Education, Anti-Bullying Centre 884 2012 C1.12
Mary Behan School of Inclusive and Special Education  884 2042 C3.05
Ruth McManus History & Geography 884 2198 D3.10
John Connolly History & Geography 884 2136 D3.07
Jonathan Cherry History & Geography 884 2116 D3.16
Emma Barry Humanities & Social Sciences   D3.28
Susan Dwyer Mater Dei Centre for Catholic Education 884 2003 D1.13
Jackie Headon Office of Student Life   D1.12
Alan Doyle ISS 500 7743 F1.05
Paul Murphy Institute of Education 884 2192 F1.03B
Aoife Myler Institute of Education 884 2212 F3.02
Sinéad Chaplin Institute of Education  884 2315 F3.14
Rachel McCullagh Institute of Education  884 2009 F3.02
Conor Sullivan Institute of Education  884 2183 F3.46
Fiona Giblin School of Language, Literacy & Early Childhood Education 884 2326 F2.21
Orla Dawson School of Language, Literacy & Early Childhood Education 884 2095 F1.35
Sharon McArdle Arts, Education & Movement 884 2084 F1.27
Bronagh McGrane Arts, Education & Movement 884 2322 FG.12
Regina Murphy Arts, Education & Movement 884 2048 F1.32
Maeliosa Griffin Arts, Education & Movement 884 2289 F1.23
Susan Marron Arts, Education & Movement 884 2346 Gym 2
Frances Murphy Arts, Education & Movement 884 2073 Gym 3
Orlaith Casey Library 884 2388 Library
Paul Thorne Library 884 2170 Library
Sophie Dowling Library 884 2177 Library
Siobhan Nolan Library 884 2093 Library
Colm Priestley Library 884 2390 Library
Helen McKeever Library 884 2383 Library
Nuala Murray Library 884 2383 Library
Patrick Dennan Library  884 2170 Library 
Michelle Power Trispace   Restaurant
Agnieszka Garus Trispace   Restaurant
Geraldine Healy Campus Residence 700 5736 Mov.27





All Areas

Name School Unit Phone Number Room Number
Brian O'Toole Estates Office 700 7094 D1.11
Sylwia Kaminska Estates Office 700 5800 Reception
Wendy Gurley Estates Office 700 7091 D1.13
Tom Carroll Estates Office    
Emma Harrison  Boston University 700 8501 D2.11
Jamie Murphy Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge 700 5909 S1.31
Mairead Nic Lochlainn Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge 700 6552 S1.32
Síle Denvir Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge 700 6095 S1.38
Emer Ní Bhrádaigh Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge 700 8101 S1.25
Ursula Anne Mhic Carthaigh Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge 700 5614 S1.16
Mary Hayes Theology, Philosophy & Music 700 6100 S2.16
Joseph Rivera Theology, Philosophy & Music 700 7053 S2.03
Gabriel Flynn Theology, Philosophy & Music 700 7483 S1.13
Rhona Clarke Theology, Philosophy & Music 700 7480 S1.14
Garrick Allen Theology, Philosophy & Music 700 7052 S2.04
Audrey Byrne International Office 700 5574 Senior House
Lucy O'Beirne International Office 700 7427 Senior House
Akanksha Mehta International Office 700 7411 Senior House
Susan Byrne English 700 7488 S2.16
Derek Hand English 700 6099 S2.18
Tomas Buitendijk Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences na SG.08
Anne Marieke Mooij Faculty of Humanites & Social Sciences na SG.08
Noel Jackson ISS 700 6509 ISS
Eduards Martinovs Campus Residence    
Dana Tundle Illes Campus Residence    
Esther Boland Campus Residence    
Irina Martinova Campus Residence    
Agnieszka Czarnomska Campus Residence    
Lisa O'Hanlon Campus Residence    
Leonard Stafford Trispace   Restaurant
Magdalena Siemkowicz Trispace   Restaurant