Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out about health and safety in DCU?

The DCU Framework Safety Statement provides an overview of health and safety in DCU and provides information on the management of common hazards throughout the University. In addition, each School, Unit and Campus Company maintains their own `local' Safety Statement which addresses their particular areas of activity.

Who is responsible for safety in DCU?

Overall responsibility for health and safety on campus lies with DCU Governing Authority and the DCU President.

The DCU Framework Safety Statement indicates that responsibility for health and safety is delegated through all levels of management and that all campus users are responsible to some extent for health and safety on campus.

How can I find out about my responsibilities?

Consult Section 3 of the DCU Framework Safety Statement

Who should I contact about specific health & safety concerns in DCU?

If your concern is related to a particular School or Unit, you should raise the issue initially with the Head of School / Unit. If the issue relates to the condition/fabric of a building, you should contact the Estates Office.

You can also raise issues through the Safety Consultation Group or the University Safety Representative - see Section 3.8 of the DCU Framework Safety Statement, or directly with the Health and Safety Office

Injuries and Incidents

How can I get first aid assistance?

Trained First Aiders are available during office hours on all campuses.

The entrance hall / foyer of each building has a listing of First Aiders and their phone numbers. After 5pm the DCU Security Team can provide assistance - dial (01) 700 5999

How do I report an injury/incident or near miss?

DCU Accident Report Form

When possible, all injuries/incidents must be reported to a DCU staff member. The following general guide applies:

  • If you are a student, you should report to your Head of School.
  • If you are a staff member you should report to your supervisor.
  • If you are a visitor to campus you should report to your DCU host or to a staff member.

What happens after I've reported an injury/incident or near miss?

The Health and Safety Office will investigate the accident and may contact you for further information or details.

Will DCU refund out of pocket expenses I incur as a result of an occupational injury?

In certain circumstances the Health and Safety Office can authorise repayment of receipted expenses. Contact the DCU Health and Safety on 01 700 8678 for information. 

Do DCU have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Yes, refer to DCU EAP Webpage