Weekly Fire Management Checklist for Units, Schools and Departments

Are all internal escape routes clear of any obstructions?
Are all final exit doors clear of obstructions?
Are all push bars and pads on emergency doors in good working order?
Does the self closing device close the door fully?
Are all external emergency routes clear of obstructions?
Are all external escape stairs clear and free from obstruction?
Are all emergency routes clearly indicated by green directional signage?
Are flammable / combustible materials stored in appropriate locations?
Are all fire extinguishers sufficiently mounted/stood in appropriate stand? Is the pin/tie intact? If foam canister, is the pressure needle in the green?
Is the fire extinguisher provided with a service label and has it been serviced in the last year?
Have the issues observed been uploaded to the DCU Estates Helpdesk?

Status message

To raise a ticket contact DCU Estates Helpdesk

If there are no issues to report, please type "no issues". 

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