Clinical Education Centre

Welcome to the Clinical Education Centre (CEC)

The Clinical Education Centre (CEC) is purposely designed to enable students to learn the clinical skills of nursing in a safe, supportive and realistic environment.  

Information on the facilities, teaching methods used in the CEC and information on using the CEC can be found by using the links provided above.

The Clinical Education Centre is composed of a large ward area where students learn the clinical, technical, and interpersonal skills of nursing in a wide range of disciplines.

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Students are facilitated to develop core competencies in nursing, which enhance their ability to provide safe, effective, and person-centred care.

Communication and interpersonal skills are fundamental elements of nursing care. The communication suites are used in conjunction with the ward area to assist nursing students to develop these important skills.

The Community flat is used to teach nursing students how to attend to the healthcare needs of clients in the community setting.

The excellent facilities in the Clinical Education Centre ensure that students are taught the practical skills of nursing using innovative strategies as follows:

Simulation-Based Learning

The use of simulation-based learning provides a safe and effective approach to prepare students for the challenges of nursing practice. Students are exposed to a variety of patient scenarios that replicate the dynamic realism of the healthcare setting.

The use of sophisticated, computer-based human patient simulators, allow students to manage complex and challenging nursing situations in a safe and controlled environment.

Online Reusable Learning Resources

A collection of online videos focusing on fundamental nursing skills are continually available to students. The videos are available within specific modules of the Loop, DCU's Learning Management System (LMS)