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Undergraduate Programmes: Full & Part Time

Undergraduate programmes


  • BSc in Nursing (General) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
    • CAO code: DC215
      • DCU's BSc in Nursing (General) programme employs a combination of academic and practical learning to instill you with competence in clinical, theoretical, ethical, intercultural and cross-disciplinary knowledge. You'll focus on the fundamental issues in nursing practice, and integrate these with aspects of psychology, sociology, philosophy, law, pharmacology and microbiology. You'll also have a chance to put your new skills to practice under the guidance of registered nurses in a real-world work environment.
  • BSc in Nursing (Mental Health) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
    • CAO code: DC216
      • DCU's BSc in Nursing (Mental Health) programme will help you work with people of all ages and backgrounds who are experiencing mental illness or distress. You'll learn about promoting mental health, preventing mental illness and caring for those with mental illness and their families..
  • BSc in Nursing (Intellectual Disability) (Bachelor Honours Degree)
    • CAO code: DC217
      • DCU's BSc in Nursing (Intellectual Disability) programme will help you understand how to help people with intellectual disabilities achieve their full potential, in a variety of settings, and in collaboration with their families, other professionals, and care facilities.
  • BSc in Children's and General (Integrated) Nursing (Bachelor Honours Degree)
    • CAO code: DC218
      • DCU's BSc in Children's and General Nursing programme will help you understand the special requirements of children in need of healthcare and how to work with their families and other healthcare professionals.
  • Higher Diploma in Children's Nursing