DCU hosts international Qualitative Research Summer School

Dr. Therese Leufer and Mrs Dawn Clark from the School of Nursing and Human Sciences were pleased to host the annual International Qualitative Research Summer School (June 5-8th 2018).

Now in its 11th year, the event was attended by over 400 delegates from across Europe including Germany, Hungary, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland. Delegates were drawn from fields including Nursing, Education, Counselling and psychotherapy and Psychology.

The Qualitative Research Summer School brought together leading international experts in qualitative research/mixed methodologies and publishing.

Workshop facilitators included:

  • Professor Bernie Carter (Appreciative Inquiry)
  • Professor Paul Flowers (Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis)
  • Dr Andrew Balmer (Interview Methodology)
  • Dr Patrick Brindle (Writing a Methodology Chapter)
  • Dr Kitrina Douglas (Narrative Research Methodology)
  • Dr Rebecca Johnson (Mixed Methods Research)
  • Dr Clare Moran (Thematic Analysis)

The Qualitative Research Summer School provides an opportunity for delegates to engage with recognised experts in particular methodological fields of research. This enables exploration of theoretical or analytical challenges which delegates may be encountering and provide a way forward to progress their particular area of research.

Professor Paul Flowers, Dr Rebecca Johnson, Dr Andrew Balmer, Dr Therese Leufer, Mrs Dawn Clark and Dr Claire Moran