COVID19 Survey
An analysis of nurse-led Covid-19 interventions among marginalised populations- mixed methods study

Survey: COVID-19 nurse-led interventions among marginalised populations

If you have provided nursing care during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland, please tell us about your experiences, opinions and support needs in our confidential online survey.

Funded by: Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety (RCQPS) 

COVID-19 presents health/healthcare challenges worldwide across a range of populations and  practitioners. Rates and severity of ill health are generally higher among people who are socially marginalised, for example people who are homeless, migrants, travellers, people with addictions and mental illness.

Nurses and midwives are at the forefront of planning, delivering and evaluating health promotion/ healthcare among hard to reach populations in a wide range of healthcare settings. This survey, which is part of a wider study; An analysis of nurse-led COVID-19 interventions among marginalised populations – a mixed methods study, aims to examine the experiences and support needs of nurses and midwives working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Findings will inform ongoing policy and practice development in this area. This study has been approved by Dublin City University Ethics committee DCUREC/2020/117. More details concerning the overall study can be sought from

If you are over 18 years of age and have worked as a nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland, we would be extremely grateful for your help in completing this online survey to learn more about your experiences, opinions and support needs. If you consent to participate, completing the questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes of your time. Your participation is entirely voluntary, anonymous and confidential.

You can find further information about the survey and the survey link here.