25th November 2022
"Love Around The World" Movie Screening and Q&A with Directors
Love Around The World

Love Around The World

From deep within the Amazonian forests and remote villages in the Himalayas to the world’s largest metropolises, this stunning documentary shows us 33 different stories about love and marriage, challenges and struggles, highs and lows, creating one big love story that reminds us how love can never be simple, but at the same time how just a few things on Earth are as simple as love. It follows all the stages of their relationships – from the moment they met or had their first date, through their decision to get married or move in together and their subsequent fights and challenges, all the way to the present moment and their plans for the future.

All the protagonists were asked the same set of questions – how they felt at the beginning of their relationship, how would they describe their feelings now, what they expect from their partner, what are their strengths and what are their weaknesses, how do they approach problems and struggles, and lastly – what is love for them.

The interviews are intertwined with montage sequences composed by slow motion shots, impressive aerial images and time-lapses, showing stunning landscapes, wedding rituals, local customs, seduction rituals and interactions between couples that give the viewers additional context about the couples presented.

This event is hosted by the Psychotherapy Department of the DCU School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health

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