NS4040 | Mindfulness and Compassion Based Professional Practice

Mindfulness and Compassion Based Professional Practice
Module NS4040- Level 8

When working in a caring capacity, the ability to maintain a compassionate presence has the potential to enhance workplace interactions and relationships with students, clients, service users and patients. Compassionate presence also can create the potential for better job satisfaction, work life balance and deeper connection with those who we work with.

Through an experiential approach and a critical examination of the theory and research around mindfulness and compassion, participants will develop an understanding of the application of mindfulness and compassion within their own workplace context.

On successful completion of this course:

  • Participants will have developed a personal practice in Mindfulness and Compassion
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate and have an awareness of the range of supports and tools that are utilised in Mindfulness and Compassion practices.
  • Participants will have developed the capacity for reflective inquiry with self and those people they engage with in professional practice.
  • Participants will be able to discuss and demonstrate the relevance of integrating Mindfulness and Compassion into professional contexts.
  • Participants will develop the requisite knowledge and skills to guide short meditative practices.
  • Participants will have critically appraised the influence of Mindfulness and Compassion on professional relationships.

Themes of the course:

  1. History and context of mindfulness focused practices.
  2. Reflective inquiry and the exploration of the relevancy and need for reflection.
  3. Tools for implementation engagement and development of experiential knowledge of meditation practices
  4. The claims for the impact of mindfulness and building a review of literature on mindfulness research.
  5. Compassion Definitions, rationales, practices and applications.
  6. Professional context and exploration of the use of research to generate professional knowledge and enhance understanding and practice and its application in the workplace.

Cost of module:

The cost is €1,100. Fees are payable directly to The Sanctuary.

The module will take place in The Sanctuary, Dublin 7 over six full days (dates to be confirmed)

How to apply:

Download an application form at this link or email science@dcu.ie to request a form.

Deadline for applications:

Application form, CV, one form of identification and a photo in jpeg format should be uploaded and submitted to science@dcu.ie by 5.00pm, Friday 28th June 2024

For further information contact: programmes@sanctuary.ie