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School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health
Academic Staff - General Nursing
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Glasnevin Campus
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Academic biography

EdD., MA HEd., PG Dip.HEd., PG Cert (Imp.Sci), BSc (Hons), RGN, Registered Nurse Tutor, FHEA  - Fellow AdvanceHE, U.K.


Certified Evidence-based Practice Mentor (ASU, USA).
Registered Nurse Tutor (NMBI)
ENB 148 Neuromedical and Neurosurgical Nursing Certificate.
ENB N42 Neurological Intensive Care Nursing Certificate.
ENB 998 Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice Certificate.
ENB 934 Nursing Patients with HIV/AIDS Related Conditions.

Dr Therese Leufer is an Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health in Dublin City University. She has worked in nurse education for over 25 years both in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Prior to moving into education, she specialised in neurosurgical intensive care nursing and worked in severa

Research interests

My key research interest is Evidence-based Practice (EBP). Two projects (unfunded) currently underway with PNU Faculty are as follows:

1. Building capability for evidence-based practice among Saudi nurses. This study sets out to examining how best to embed EBP at curricular level to enable successful implementation in practice including evaluating the outcomes of specifically tailored teaching, learning and assessment strategies employed.

2. Establishing evidence-based practice competency levels among Saudi nurses. This study sets out to determine EBP competency levels among Masters level students preparing for Clinical Nurses Specialist/Advanced Practice roles in Nursing.

Additional areas of interest include:
Innovative approaches to teaching and learning that support the development of Clinical Nurse Specialist/ Advanced Nurse Practitioner competency level at post-graduate level.
Link between academic achievement and attendance at lectures /Factors influencing student attendance. Medication management in nursing.
Level of preparedness for practice among undergraduate nursing students